• New barber shop to open in Mount Vernon

    When Steve Burris closed his Mount Vernon barber shop in January, he said he wished the business would continue under a different owner.

    It appears Burris will end up getting his wish.

    “They say when one door closes, another opens. When I found out Steve had retired, I knew that my door was opening,” said Todd Burnett, the space’s new occupant.

  • H&R Pharmacy adapts to changing market

    In an era where large chains like Walgreens and CVS saturate the market, turning a profit as a small independent pharmacy can be a tough pill to swallow.

    There are many rural towns where the only drugstore for miles is independently operated. H&R Pharmacy in Poseyville, for example, is the only drugstore for nearly 10 miles. It resides in one of the oldest buildings on Main Street, and has served its town’s residents for over 40 years.

  • New rehab clinic ‘dream come true’ for husband-wife team

    A new physical therapy clinic opened this week on Main Street near McKim’s IGA. Rehab Focus Physical Therapy specializes in geriatric care, and offers both physical and occupational therapy outpatient services.

    The new clinic is operated by husband-wife duo, Michael and Gemma Mahoney, both licensed therapists. They have 35 years of combined experience, and Gemma is also a certified wound and pain care specialist.

  • Posey County’s last barbershop closes its doors

    Steve Burris woke up the morning of Jan. 27 and calmly decided, after 52 years, to close his barbershop.

    Before the sun went down, he did just that.

    “I always said I would know when it was time,” Burris said. “That morning I realized the time had finally come.”

  • Heritage Federal opens temp location in Expressway

    Heritage Federal Credit Union opened a temporary location inside Expressway Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram last year located at 3900 Hwy 62 East in Mount Vernon.

    Chief Marketing and Member Service Officer Steve Bugg said the office is a non-cash location that offers limited services while the permanent location is being built.

  • KG Portraits opens on Main Street

    When Keren Greene’s sister passed away in August, her family tried to gather every photo they could find of her.

    “Those pictures are the last thing you have left of them,” the Mount Vernon native said. “Those, and the memories that go with them.”

    Preserving those memories for friends and family is what first attracted Greene to photography four years ago. Her sister’s passing only reinforced Greene’s belief that photos are ways to preserve precious memories.

  • Posey County company product featured in Super Bowl halftime show

    Band Shoppe, a family-run marching band merchandiser based out of northern Posey County, is getting a lot of press. One of its exclusive products – a twirling prop called AirBlades - was used by background performers during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

    It is the company’s highest profile client to date, but Band Shoppe Marketing Director Chris Payne said he didn’t know the AirBlades would be used during the show until he saw them on the screen.

  • Home Town Tax offers clients affordable, personal service

    When Beverly Emerson was 17 years old, she took her first tax return to an H&R Block office. She waited for over two hours for her appointment that lasted 15 minutes and cost her a substantial portion of her return.

    “I thought to myself, ‘Well, I could have done that,’” Emerson remarked. “I taught myself how to do taxes the very next year.”

  • Warm your heart with a visit to the Cozy Cottage

    When one door closes, somewhere another opens. That’s the story behind Mount Vernon’s new gift shop – the Cozy Cottage. The closure of Two Old Friends gave Bobette Marshall and Jo Dawne Tomlinson the perfect opportunity to open the store they’ve always wanted to have.

    “It’s something we’d talked about doing for a long time. The building came available, and it was sooner than later. Things just fell into place,” said Marshall.

  • Sharon’s Country Kitchen closes its doors

    Nine days after celebrating its one-year anniversary, Sharon’s Country Kitchen in Mount Vernon is closing its doors.

    A company representing Dollar General is set to purchase the property where the establishment is located. The restaurant is expected to be demolished in the spring, and the building will need to be completely vacant by Jan 9.

    A bittersweet experience