• Auditor asks for transparency, improvements to sound system

    Posey County Auditor Sarah Beth Meighen wants to make meetings more accessible, but that will mean upgrading the sound system and Internet capabilities.

    Meighen said the county’s schedule makes it difficult for working people to attend meetings. She said adding the ability to live stream meetings or record them and allow users to stream them at their convenience.

  • State removes inactive voters from rolls

    Maintaining the list of local voters is one of the many tasks Posey County Clerk Betty Postletheweight handles. A lawsuit and a recent mandate by the state are clearing inactive voters. The county has no real say, and this may create problems for those who head to the polls next year, if you haven’t voted in a while.

    The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office is in charge of elections. That office put a digital system in place that removed 1,089 voters from the rolls at the end of March.

  • City encourages residents to clean up their act

    The City of Mount Vernon is asking residents to put a lid on it – literally.

    Mayor Bill Curtis addressed an on-going issue of residents leaving their garbage uncovered or on the ground for weekly pick up.

    The practice is against city ordinance, and the mayor is now encouraging residents to put all their trash in a secure, waterproof container.

  • Posey voters hit the polls

    Posey County voters turned out to vote in last Tuesday’s General Election. According to the unofficial report from County Clerk Betty Postletheweight, 66.3 percent of registered voters cast their ballots. The local election followed the national trend.

    “I was delivering supplies and checking on precincts this morning, and they all had small lines. That’s great,” she said of the high turnout.

  • Insurance costs to increase for county employees

    The Posey County Commissioners have announced a 2.6 percent increase in healthcare premiums in 2017.

    Commissioner Jim Alsop, who has been spearheading the county’s insurance committee, said the total cost of the county’s bill from Anthem Insurance was $2,642,648.28. Due to that and the costs associated with the new clinic, county employees will see the following increases: $3.77 per month for an employee; $7.57 per month for employee and spouse; $6.78 per month for employee and children; and $11.35 per month for a family.

  • New police officer sworn in

    Caleb McDaniel was officially sworn in as Mount Vernon’s newest police officer during the Board of Works meeting on Oct. 27. McDaniel is replacing Glenn Boyster, who retired in the summer.

    Police Chief Tony Alldredge and Mayor Bill Curtis interviewed McDaniel along with several other candidates Oct. 13. During the swearing-in ceremony, Curtis wished the new police officer good luck at his new position.

  • City Council discusses how to limit semi-truck traffic on roads

    The common council spoke at length Oct. 27, about ways to limit the numerous semi-trucks that travel on residential roads.

    “It’s a matter of safety and of maintaining our public roads,” Mayor Bill Curtis said. “These trucks are going down roads where kids and adults aren’t expecting them. And these roads wear out faster with all the weight and traffic from the semis.”

  • County, school districts to share clinics

    The Posey County Commissioners and the MSDs of North Posey and Mount Vernon are working together to cut down healthcare costs to taxpayers and their employees by sharing wellness clinics. The board also discussed the jail project and updating the sound system in Circuit Court.

    Health Clinics

    At its first meeting in October, Commissioner Jim Alsop announced that the county had reached an agreement with the MSD of Mount Vernon to lease space for a clinic at Hedges Central Community Center for $1,200 a year.

  • County council discusses abatement additionals

    The Posey County Council met last Tuesday to discuss a tax abatement for Astra Zeneca and additional appropriations to the budget.

    Astra Zeneca abatement

    Astra Zeneca representative Glen Baldwin approached the county council to speak about a proposed tax abatement. The informational meeting was to allow the council the opportunity to ask questions in an opening meeting about the submitted documents.

  • City signs contract for erosion project

    The city is set to begin the first phase of a project that aims to correct erosion along Mount Vernon’s riverfront.

    The Board of Works accepted a $24,500 bid from North Water Consulting to conduct a feasibility study along the river. The city is paying for the project with a grant it received earlier this year from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).