• The Harder Right
  • Bygone Days

    Who would have thought that I would be falling down the rabbit hole, just like Alice.  But unlike Alice, the voices I hear while falling are those of my parents and grandparents:  “The world’s going to hell in a bucket!” or  “Young people these days have no ambition!” or  “Don’t young people read anymore?”  Suddenly I am standing at the bottom of the hole saying the same things. 

  • You can go home again
  • Facing adversity head on

    There are two kinds of adversity – the kind you can overcome and the kind you must work around. Each teaches us something different.

    I have dealt with both.

    When I was 15 years old, my mom and I lost everything. We never had much to begin with, but we were working class and happy. My mom had been caring for my grandmother full time for several years leading up to her death. It was a mutual agreement, an opportunity to keep my grandma in the home she owned and loved, and a chance for my mother to be a stay at home mom for a while.

  • Saying goodbye to Mount Vernon

    By the time this week’s paper reaches our readers, I’ll have just a few days left as a Reporter for the Mount Vernon Democrat. Even though my last day is Fri., July 8, I will still have a few bylines in the paper for July 13.

  • Sailing unchartered waters

    To the Mount Vernon Democrat readers,

  • Pets are family, too

    One and a half pounds. That is how much my first baby weighed when I brought her home; and when I say baby, I mean my Shih-Tzu, Molly.

    Even though Molly is our dog, she is part of our family. Chris and I love her; she has brought so much joy into our lives. Molly was also a big comfort to both of us during our three-year struggle to have a baby. She spent many nights comforting me while I cried myself to sleep, hoping and praying for a miracle to come our way.

  • Further up the law's beanstalk

    Before we take another rung up the ladder of the law’s litigiousness I’d like to reflect on the proximity of Memorial Day and D-Day. I know we honor all of our deceased on Memorial Day and acknowledge the beginning of the end of WWII on D-Day. However, it seems appropriate that these solemn celebrations are only a week apart. Our Pantheon of loved ones and heroes includes family, friends, saviors and unknowns. As we remember and honor them we affirm our own worth.

  • Life Lessons

    As young children, we can’t wait to be adults. The grown-ups in our lives sound like a broken record. “You’re too little;” You need to wait until you get a little bigger;” or “I’ll explain it when you’re older,” were common phrases when we were kids.

  • Catfish, bluegill love catalpa worms

    By Phil Junker

    When catalpa trees bloom, my thoughts turn to younger days and fishing.

    Blooming catalpa are beautiful, and often really ugly worms find there way onto the broad, green leaves. While most humans would just as soon ignore the worms, catfish and bluegill love them.

    In these days of high tech fishing gear and baits, probably few anglers have ever heard of or thought about fishing using the worms found in late spring and early summer on catalpa trees’ which can be found on most of the east coast and Midwest.