• As the general manager, much of my time is spent mingling with people. That’s really the best part of the job. Being in the know on most things is also part of the job, which has become more difficult since I don’t have to listen to the police scanner 24-hours a day anymore.

  •  I went home from work one night last week. I curled up on my bed with the dog and read a new book. As often happens when I like the story, I lost all track of time. Then, I heard the symphony of barking dogs around the neighborhood.

  • For me, the events surrounding the Republican Party chairman’s challenge of Democratic candidate Sherri Lueder’s eligibility to run for assessor, the party line vote to keep her off the ballot and the court’s eventual overturning of that decision was  a lot like going to the dentist. 


    Shocked. I have received a number of comments regarding the editorial I wrote about the decision of whether or not to allow Sherri Lueder on the ballot. Apparently, I created quite a conversation piece. I have been told my loyalties have been called into question. While I have political leanings, those belong to me personally, and don’t necessarily need to be spelled out on the pages of this newspaper. 

  • Parents of Indiana public school students got their annual kick in the teeth this week when they went to pick up their children’s text books. Unlike almost every other state in the union, Indiana charges, and charges exorbitant prices, for students to attend public school - between $200 and $300 per student just for textbooks alone. 

  • Hello. My name is Michael Webster. I’ve just been named Editor of the Mount Vernon Democrat , so on this one occasion, I’m going to break tradition, or at least convention, and write to you directly. Normally, this space will not be about me, but today I will use it to introduce myself more fully to the community. I might even make a few promises. 

  • By Brandon Cole

    Special to the Mount Vernon Democrat

  • I’m thinking about making my way to Punxsutawney, Penn. making it real clear to Phil that, no matter what actually happens, he’d better make sure he doesn’t dare see his shadow. Otherwise, there will be groundhog stew on the menu. Either that or just go stand between Phil and the sun so it’s not able to cast a shadow on him.

  • Two-thousand-fourteen’s arrival was a bit blustery, wouldn’t you say? When the sub-zero temperatures hit, I began digging into closets and resurrecting items that I had considered giving away. One item in particular was a pair of forestry green woodsman wool pants.
    If you live or have lived in a northern state, be it Minnesota, Idaho or Maine, where logging is one of the major livelihoods, these green pants are part of a “required” outdoor winter uniform, whether you are a logger or not.

  • By Brandon Cole

    Mount Vernon Democrat Contriubtor

  • Arnold Rothstein knew a sucker bet when he saw one and a Christmas Day football game was just not going to happen. With white Presbyterians, Catholic Indians and Colored Baptists concentrating on Christmas, the gate, and more importantly the drinking and gambling, would suffer.

  • Shower time is a good time to think. In fact, just the other day, I thought of two things I need to write about, all during the same shower.
    One thing I decided is that, what our nation needs in Washington, and what our state needs in Indy, is a hero, or a bunch of heroes.
    It might sound kind of childish, but I think it would do us good to have someone in office making decisions for the future of this state and nation who truly knows what it means to sacrifice for a nation.

  • One problem many have during prolonged periods of at or below-freezing temperatures is frozen pipes. Below is what the American Red Cross has to say about keeping pipes from freezing and thawing frozen pipes
    Before freezing weather sets in
    • Drain water from swimming pool and water sprinkler supply lines following manufacturer’s or installer’s directions. Do not put antifreeze in these lines unless directed. Antifreeze is environmentally harmful, and is  dangerous to humans, pets, wildlife, and landscaping.

  • Coach Frank McDonald walked from the ostentatious lobby of the Duncan Hotel in Pawhuska, Oklahoma up Kihekah Avenue past the five story brick Triangle Building that housed over one hundred oil and gas attorneys.
    Built in 1915 the “Osage County Skyscraper” stood as evidence of the vast oil and gas reserves owned in common by the Osage tribe.

  • They are over.
    BUT were they a success? Yes, Yes! Let me count the ways. A) All holiday china and glassware has been washed and back in place and not one piece broken or chipped. B) All overnight guests safely back home without incident. C) All outdoor decorations replaced either in the attic or in cabinets. D) The poinsettia plant still has all its leaves and pedals in a perky attitude. E) Each and every bit of indoor decoration and all Santa figures picked up and returned to the original box?? Of course not.