19 Children & 2 Adults Shot Dead At Texas Elementary School, Officials Say

Texas Elementary School shooting

Texas Elementary School shooting, According to the Associated Press, a mass shooting at an elementary school west of San Antonio today killed 19 seconds to fourth-grade pupils and at least two adults, one of whom was a teacher.

Federal law enforcement officials expect the death toll to climb, according to the site. Multiple injuries have been reported but are unverified.

The shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde killed 14 children and one teacher, according to Gov. Greg Abbott. According to Abbott, the 18-year-old gunman was shot by authorities and acted alone.

It is the bloodiest school shooting in the United States since 2012, when a 20-year-old gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and six adults.

A 10-year-old kid and a 66-year-old lady are being treated at neighboring University Hospital and are in critical condition, according to officials. Uvalde Memorial Hospital received the majority of the victims.

Abbott told reporters that the gunman — whom he did not name but who will be identified by Deadline — wrecked and abandoned his truck before entering the school with a handgun and maybe a rifle. Two officers were also wounded by gunfire but were not critically hurt, according to him. According to the governor, the shooter was a Uvalde resident and a United States citizen who attended a nearby high school.


“I have no further information concerning the connection between those two shootings,” Abbott said, citing claims that the gunman shot and murdered his grandmother before entering the school.

President Joe Biden, who just returned from a trip to Asia, has been briefed on the elementary school shooting and will address the nation from the White House at 5:25 p.m. PT, according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Texas Elementary School shooting

Jean-Pierre remarked on Twitter, “His prayers are with the families afflicted by this terrible occurrence.”

Biden ordered all government facilities’ flags to be lowered at half-staff until Saturday.

“What happened in Uvalde was a tragic tragedy that the state of Texas cannot allow,” Abbot stated. “[The gunman] shot and killed 14 children and a teacher in a brutal, incomprehensible manner.” … When parents drop their children off at school, they expect to be able to pick up their children when the school day is finished. There are families who are currently grieving.”

“Our duty is twofold: first, to make sure we address exactly what happened at this crime scene, and second, to make sure we take that knowledge and do everything we can to guarantee that crime scenes like this don’t happen again,” he said. After that, we’ll be able to secure our school’s safety and security.”

Late this afternoon, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke out about the tragedy. She declared, “Enough is enough.” “I’ve had enough. To ensure that something like this never happens again, we must have the confidence to act and comprehend the nexus between what constitutes reasonable and pragmatic public policy.”

“I am here on this floor to beg, to really get down on my hands and knees and beseech my colleagues: Find a road forward here,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated on the Senate floor. Work with us to pass legislation that makes this less likely.


“There is a spot where we can reach an agreement,” he added. “This will not ensure that America will never see another mass shooting, will not cut the number of homicides in America in half overnight, and will not solve the problem of American violence by itself.” “But by doing anything, we can at least cease providing a quiet message of approval to these killers whose brains are shattering as they watch the highest echelons of government do nothing, shot after killing.”

The awful incident at Robb Elementary, which is about 85 miles west of San Antonio and has an enrollment of about 600 pupils in Grades 2-4 — roughly ages 7-9 — was covered extensively by broadcast and cable news networks.

The attack occurred ten days after a shooter opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, killing ten people. It’s the 212nd mass shooting in the United States this year, with four or more people killed on Day 144.

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