5 Breathtaking Shows Like Money Heist to Watch in 2022

I’m not sure where to begin with this Spanish original. Its larger-than-life characters and fast-paced plotlines make for great binge-watching. However, for me, the requirement of leaving rationality and scepticism at the door is practically a deal-breaker. The good news is that after a few episodes, the show’s dynamic characters have enough seriousness to draw you in for a journey as our anti-heroes don their bizarre masks and make a fool of Spanish cops.

At the end of the day, these trigger-happy looters are human beings with great goals and desires of their own. Some characters grow on you as the story progresses, while others remain terrible throughout. While you wait for the series to return from hiatus, keep yourself occupied by watching other shows like Money Heist.


This French heist series is Netflix’s most popular international series (after Squid Game and Money Heist). It follows Assane Diop (Omar Sy), a lovely man with amazing sneakers who becomes a gentleman thief after being inspired by the renowned French character Arsene Lupin and sets out to steal a magnificent necklace from the Louvre.

Assane’s father was wrongfully accused of stealing the jewellery from the Pellegrini dynasty twenty-five years ago, ruining him and his family. As a result, Assane embarks on a journey for vengeance. Lupin is a sleek European thriller, similar to Money Heist, with a flashback-heavy storyline, surprise turns, and emotionally compelling drama involving people you gradually grow to love. And there might be something wrong with you if you don’t come out of this loving Sy.

Lines in White

You might be wondering where these people would spend all this money if they truly heisted it. The answer is Ee-bee-thuh, or Ibiza as we know it in the United States, a Spanish getaway popular with pasty British clubbers looking for sun and fun. Money Heist creator Lex Pina took the same intensity from his most renowned show and turned it into a murder mystery for this Netflix series, which aired in between halves of Money Heist Season 2, and it’s just as binge-worthy as Money Heist but more gorgeous. The setup is straightforward: Zoe (Laura Haddock) travels to Ibiza to look into her renowned DJ brother Axel’s death, which occurred 20 years ago.

The series alternates between two timelines: one in the present, in which Zoe reconnects with her and Axel’s old friends, many of whom continue to DJ and cling to fleeting fame while making money on the side selling drugs, and another in the past, in which Axel was still alive and on top of the world, providing clues about what led to his demise. Though it is frequently serious, White Lines is also hilarious in the sense of a British party picture, with a great soundtrack and outlandish escapades providing lots of chuckles and shock. Example? In the film, a dog uses cocaine, and it’s hilarious. In fact, the Devil’s Dandruff is snorted by almost everyone and everything in this. White Lines isn’t called that for nothing!

Sky Rojo

Lex Pina clearly like action, violence, and girls, and all three are abundant in his 2021 series Sky Rojo, a fast-paced crime drama that satisfies Pina’s pulpy desires. The three main characters are a trio of sex workers from a Canary Islands club who have had enough of their pimp and are on the run from him. It is completely absurd, but it revels in it, making it a pleasurable watch, especially for the eye candy of beautiful people doing awful things to each other in an exotic location.

Sky Rojo, on the other hand, is anchored by its three truly interesting leading females, all of whom are looking for forgiveness and deserve to be free of the abuse they’ve suffered. The adult content — a lot of drug usage and a lot of sex — will prohibit it from being a popular blockbuster like Money Heist, but it’s a great follow-up to Money Heist. A third season is currently in development. Tim Surette (Tim Surette) (Tim Surette) (Tim Sur


Pablo Escobar’s rise to become one of the world’s wealthiest drug lords is chronicled in this merciless series. The series follows the US government’s efforts to bring Pablo down—a mission so massive that it seemed nearly impossible, especially given Columbia’s endemic corruption in the 1980s. Every politician and cop in the country belonged to Pablo. The US authorities had their work cut out for them with everyone on his side.

Wagner Moura, a Brazilian actor, has done an outstanding job portraying Pablo Escobar on the small screen. Escobar was a complicated character, unfazed and frightening but with a tint of sympathy. It wasn’t easy to play such a complex character, but Moura was up to the challenge.

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This Netflix original begins by imitating other crime dramas, but quickly evolves into much more. Narcos is your best pick if you liked Money Heist’s heavy-handed action sequences but hoped for more character development and rationality. Yes, there’s plenty of blood and violence, but it never gets out of hand.

Money Heist is also a work of fiction, unlike Narcos is based on a factual story. To spice things up, some liberties have been done, but the heart of the story remains intact and original.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is as much a character study as it is a criminal drama, despite the fact that the reveal comes later.

Is the protagonist, Thomas Shebly, a brutal mafia leader or a good-hearted gentleman doing what he needs to do to support himself and his family? At times, he can be a mix of the two.

The story is set in Birmingham after World War I and revolves around a struggling mob family. With gipsies, Jews, Italians, and other groups at odds, Thomas progressively develops into a hardened, determined guy willing to go to any length to live. He quickly discovers, however, that his firsthand military knowledge is of minimal utility. Watch how he leads the family with a combination of wisdom, patience, and ruthless violence.

Peaky Blinders, like Money Heist, is told from the perspective of a criminal. Even when you know they’re in the wrong, it’s impossible not to secretly wish for them to succeed. If you’ve been missing out on this popular show, now is the chance to catch up. It’s preferable if you take your time with it because it’s a slower-paced series than Money Heist.

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