6 Effective Ways to Run a Successful Health Awareness Campaign

Effective Ways to Run a Successful Health Awareness Campaign

Health centers like yours do a lot of good for their local communities. But from time to time, you might want to run a health awareness campaign to inspire healthy eating, outdoor activities for kids, and so on. The best way to make sure your health awareness campaign kicks off right – and succeeds overall! – is to practice some effective online promotional strategies.

Not sure where to start? Let’s break down how you can run an awareness campaign at your health center in detail.

Social Media Infographics

First, be sure to use social media posting and promotional activities to great extent. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are some of the best places to announce and count down to health awareness campaigns, events, and promotions.

For example, you can:

  • Make a post announcing the start of a new awareness campaign, like a healthy eating campaign for all K-6 kids
  • Post regularly on your social media accounts, including more information about the benefits of eating healthily
  • Post tips on social media so parents can find great resources to help them ensure their kids eat healthy snacks instead of junk food

Of course, infographics are excellent social media promotional materials to leverage. These are informative and include data backed by facts alongside compelling graphics. You can make social media graphics for any of your social media posts using online tools like PosterMyWall.

Informational Blogs

As a health center, people turn to your organization for health information. What better way to get it to them than to post regular informational blogs on your health center website?

Informational blogs should include lots of helpful information to assist parents and community members in reaching whatever health awareness campaign goals you’ve set previously. You can include:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Health tips
  • Information about the body and biology
  • Health food recommendations (via health food ads, if you accept sponsors)
  • And more

Just make sure that your informational blogs are written so that lay people can understand them clearly. It might help to hire an experienced copywriter to whip up a bunch of blogs for your health center and to make sure they are optimized for search engine algorithms.

Email Newsletters

Email marketing is an important tool for your Health Center and its online promotional efforts. When you start and run a health awareness campaign on any subject, you should send out email newsletters and informational documents to everyone on your email list, including health center sponsors, health center members, new and previous patients, and more.

Email newsletters can be important for:

  • Announcing the goals of your health awareness campaign
  • Providing important information to potential patients or those who may benefit from the campaign
  • And more

Plus, email newsletters offer an opportunity to include links to your health center website to get people to join your organization and contribute their time. Use email newsletters in conjunction with social media posting to spread the awareness of your new campaign far and wide.

Social Media Edutainment Videos

“Edutainment” videos are a specialty of health centers and medical organizations. They combine education and entertainment in equal measure.

For example, say that you want to start and run a health awareness campaign to improve physical fitness in children. You can create an edutainment video:

  • Breaking down fun exercises and activities that kids can do outdoors
  • Explaining the benefits of spending more time outside moving your body
  • Use graphics or cartoons to make the video more enjoyable and entertaining for kids

With the help of a skilled writer and some basic video-making software, you can even make your edutainment videos a little humorous and informative for everyone in a family, including the adults.

Post these on social media, and engagement with your health awareness campaign will likely skyrocket!

Health Event Countdowns

If your awareness campaign is leading up to a big health event, like a blood drive, be sure to include countdowns for it on social media platforms such as Instagram. This not only reminds people who have already committed that they need to arrive on time, but it may also inspire people who haven’t yet decided to attend to come and donate blood or otherwise get involved.

Health Event Giveaways

Lastly, consider announcing giveaways or free prizes for those who engage with your awareness campaign on social media. For example, if you want to run a blood drive, you can give free candy and cookies to those who attend and donate a certain amount of blood. Or you can partner with other charitable organizations to provide other prizes, like toys for kids or tickets to theme parks.

Ultimately, running an awareness campaign at your health center means using digital promotional techniques and tools as well as you can. So be sure to follow these tips to maximize your campaign’s results!


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