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Mayim Bialik Has Covid And Says, “It’s No Joke”; Talks “Mental Health Impact”

“I feel better… However, I still don’t have a lot of energy, admitted a sometimes-emotional Mayim Bialik today in an update on her health following her announcement of having Covid yesterday.

The actress, who has had booster shots and vaccinations, described the illness as “no joke” in an Instagram post on Monday. The weariness is quite unique, and it’s very draining. When I had mononucleosis in college, the weariness struck in a way that made it impossible to stay awake. You could strive to stay awake, but eventually, you would need to go to bed.

She noted today, “It’s not the same as the flu. “‘Long flu’ is not a known condition. This virus is quite distinct from others. Please take caution. Be careful.

Fortunately, there won’t be any effects on either Jeopardy! or Call Me Kat.

Call Me Kat‘s upcoming season won’t premiere until September, while Jeopardy! has wrapped its filming.

When Bialik discussed the fear she was experiencing today—which she also hinted at on Monday—she became upset.

“I have a new degree of worry about going out, which is something I kind of hadn’t anticipated. I have undoubtedly exercised extreme caution, and while I have been traveling as safely as possible… I had mixed feelings about going out. I regret it. I’m dejected. And once more, I’m concerned about the world and our global health.

She claimed that perhaps remaining home was the reason why she’s “been really emotional and reflective…

I’ve been so preoccupied.


The former Blossom actor went on to say, “The mental health consequence of this — especially for those of us who already have anxiety or are susceptible to catastrophic thinking — this feels extremely dangerous. I have asthma and a thyroid ailment. I also understand that it will pass. The ferocity will subside.

Fortunately, the actress reports that Melissa Rauch, who played her Big Bang Theory co-star, “gave me a wonderful care box of soup and throat tea,” which she was preparing as she talked on camera. Alyssa Milano, according to Bialik, is a fan of the apple cider vinegar gummies, colloidal silver, and turmeric for inflammatory pain.

At the end of the video, Bialik pleaded with her viewers to exercise caution. “I sincerely hope everyone’s safety. After drinking this, I’m going to go to bed.

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