A Recent Lawsuit Against You Tube: How Difficult It Is to Compel the Business to Take Action Against Abuse

In the past, prayer was your greatest option if you were an average person with a customer service issue on a large social network. You can certainly fill out a form in the app’s support section to report harassment, impersonation, or improper suspension. But interactions with the social network itself are mostly limited to mediocre automated responses.

You might have previously dismissed some of these worries as minor inconveniences. However, these issues have grown increasingly urgent as social networks have solidified into giants and the epidemic has forced more of our lives online. It now seems more like citizenship questions than low-level customer service difficulties. Don’t you need anything resembling due process if you’re going to be kicked out of the digital world? And shouldn’t the platform offer you protection like that of the police if you are attacked by other users?

Ripple has accused the video platform of selling adverts and approving accounts that encourage phony cryptocurrency giveaways in a complaint that was submitted today.

For the digital currency XRP, which is intended for cross-border money transactions, Ripple runs an exchange network. Over the past few months, scammers have created accounts that appear to be genuine for Ripple and its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. Several of the accounts seem to have been stolen from popular YouTubers whose accounts were hacked, giving the scammers access to their hundreds of thousands of subscribers. From there, they might post videos offering significant XRP returns for small upfront costs, tricking viewers into thinking they were watching Ripple’s channel.

Ripple claims that since at least November of last year, when a fake account made news, it has received over 350 complaints about impersonation or scams. Since that time, Ripple has had about 350 allegations of impersonation or fraud. The report claims that many of them were “ignored or otherwise failed to address” by YouTube.

In one case, it gave a compromised channel a legitimate badge of verification. And according to Ripple, despite being informed of the fraud, YouTube continued to accept paid advertisements related to it. An “onslaught” of messages from people worried that Ripple had stolen their money or compromised their accounts emerged as a result. Unknown amounts of money were taken overall by the con artists, however, one account received $15,000 in XRP.

There are approved badges since impersonation is a problem that affects all platforms. In 2018, The New York Times found 205 accounts impersonating Facebook’s two senior executives. And the abundance of thieves and con artists basically defines the bitcoin sector. As much attention was paid to the loss of $25 million worth of Ethereum on Monday as it did to the finding that a neighbor had left their window open overnight.


For years, phony identities and cryptocurrency frauds have been common on social networks. After a protracted period of inaction, Twitter started locking the accounts of users who changed their display name to “Elon Musk” in 2018. This action has historically heralded the start of a scam in which a Musk impersonator promises to give away a significant amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for a negligible sum of money. (Never try this! A few months later, hackers gained control of the official Target account and started carrying out the same fraud with a slight change.

Garlinghouse has battled imitation for years. In 2019, a fraudster set up a fake Instagram account in his likeness and began running a scam under his identity. The Real Garlinghouse alerted Instagram of this, who looked into it… and 72 hours later informed him that the company had determined that he was not being impersonated.

Garlinghouse, a 23-year Silicon Valley veteran, eventually found the solution by getting in touch with a former coworker at Instagram.

Garlinghouse told me on Tuesday that “This is not how this should work.” “ It comes down to a moral issue. Last year, YouTube made $15 billion in revenue. Why can’t they spend more cash on maintaining their own platform?

In an ideal world, platforms would find and close every single one of these accounts before they could trick people out of money. In the absence of such action, platforms could respond to honest accusations of impersonation quickly and completely. I can’t speak to the legal viability of Ripple’s action. However, it shows how dire things have gotten when Garlinghouse thought it was his best option. It only happened after Ripple enlisted the aid of cybersecurity and digital threat intelligence company for its reporting and takedown operations.

The company provides reporting methods for abuse, according to a YouTube representative, and Ripple has successfully used a different reporting website for businesses to report impersonation. For violating fraud standards in the fourth quarter of 2019, the company erased more than 3 million videos and banned 1.8 million users.

However, Garlinghouse has started to get physical threats from those who mistakenly thought he had agreed to transfer them Ripple’s XRP coin. It also doesn’t help people who have lost money.

Garlinghouse continued, “Those who have been victimized do not have the resources to pursue YouTube.” “Those who lost, possibly $1,000 or $10,000, won’t file a lawsuit against YouTube. These people have come to me for help after coming out. Additionally, I feel accountable for the members of my community who are scam victims.


In any case, the dangers that regular Internet users encounter are real. Between January 1 and April 15, according to data released last week by the Federal Trade Commission, scammers cost Americans $13.44 million. Furthermore, efforts to moderate platform content, which were rarely effective even in prosperous times, are now made more challenging by a pandemic that has driven some moderators to work from home and fired others.

Because of this, the upcoming few months are probably going to be harder than usual for people who find themselves trapped in the middle of an uncaring technological platform. Few people are allowed to use the judicial system to try to resolve their issues. Everyone else will once again be left to complete forms, submit them into the ether, and pray.

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