About Us

The Mount Vernon Democrat was founded in July 1867 by Thomas Collins and was cited as the official organ of the Democratic Party in Posey County. Over the intervening 99 years, the newspaper continued to function with an affiliation with the political organization.

Throughout those 99 years, the history records great feats of getting a newspaper to press and into the hands of readers despite power outages, profit losses, changes in technology and late night election results.

However, on March 12, 1966, 41-year-old Garth Whipple, with “years of newspapering under his belt” and having studied at the University of Tulsa and Missouri, bought the Mount Vernon Democrat. The history states simply: “ … political affiliations were not allowed …” under this new ownership.

That sale to Whipple was the end of the newspaper’s political affiliations.

In 1979, he sold the Democrat to Landmark Community Newspapers Inc., the company that continues to own the paper today. Under LCNI’s ownership the paper continued Whipple’s simple rule: political affiliations are not allowed.


The Mount Vernon Democrat, since it’s creation in 1867, has been a place of employment in Posey County to many, many people. The newspaper was awarded the Hoosier State Press Association's Blue Ribbon in 2005 and 2006, and was a runner-up in the 2008 contest.