Ace!: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Flying Past $500M Global Through Sunday

Top Gun: Maverick, from Paramount/Skydance, is on a supersonic tear. Tom Cruise is not only outperforming himself at the home box office, but he is also continuing to soar at the foreign box office. In 64 abroad markets on Friday, the total was $19.6 million, down only 21% from the previous Friday. The current offshore cume is $204.3 million, indicating that a global total of $500 million is well within reach by Sunday.

Let’s start with the fact that TG: M isn’t yet available in Korea, which is a major cruise market; it will be on June 23 following a team visit.

The UK has really stoked the fires in the already released hubs, with a $4.3 million Friday, up 4% from last week’s opening day. There is a total of $39.7 million in the pot. The Platinum Jubilee is a significant vacation weekend for Britons, but people are certainly seeking for alternative ways to celebrate.

In the Commonwealth, Australia’s Friday was only 6% lower than the previous session’s equivalent day. There is a total of $17.1 million in the pot. New Zealand, on the other hand, was up 6% and had made $2.4 million through Friday.

This week’s Friday in France was down 52% from last week’s Ascension Day vacation high. The film’s domestic gross is $16.7 million, and everyone I meet is asking me about it and planning multiple viewings.

The second highest-grossing country is Japan, with $16.6 million as of yesterday.

Taiwan, where a second Friday at $915K was double the opening, was one of the notable leaps. Since the original Taiwanese flag on Maverick’s sleeve reappears, despite having been swapped out in early advertising, there’s likely a sense of pride contributing to the momentum. The appearance of the patches has elicited cheers inside theatres.

Hong Kong ($4.6 million in running total) was also up 6% from last Friday, while Thailand ($2 million in running total) was up 55%.

The UAE has now grossed $3.7 million in strongholds, while the overall Middle East area has grossed $12.8 million.

The early release of Jurassic World Dominion in Brazil witnessed a 25% drop in box office receipts, resulting in a $7.4 million total. The TG:M decline in Italy, where the dinosaurs have also gone early, was 19 percent for $6.5 million through Friday. Mexico experienced a heavier hit as a result of JWD, plummeting 47 percent and accumulating $6.4 million as of yesterday.

Netherlands ($3.4 million), Spain ($3.2 million), Switzerland ($2.6 million), Malaysia ($2.6 million), and Singapore ($2 million) are among the other prominent markets and cumes.

Top Gun: Maverick, a Paramount/Skydance film, has grossed $185 million worldwide as of Thursday. This puts it on track to surpass $200 million in offshore play today. When you combine that with Maverick’s similarly stellar domestic performance, Maverick will surpass $400 million in less than two full frames of play.

Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit exceeded the $176 million overseas lifetime of the original 1986 Top Gun on Thursday. We appreciate that the box office receipts for the Tony Scott-directed film are tough to convert to today’s money, given that the Euro didn’t exist before to 2002 and box office reporting was significantly different. Regardless, this is a watershed moment.


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Despite what may appear to be distractions from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the United Kingdom, that market has fueled Maverick’s growth. Through Thursday, the TG: M total has reached $35.4 million. Coincidentally, the Royal Navy and RAF flypast over Buckingham Palace on Thursday might effectively translate to free promotion for Maverick while the market is closed for a four-day holiday.

France is the second-best market on TG: M so far, with $15.7 million traded through Thursday. The film is benefiting from the coverage of the Cannes Film Festival premiere and Cruise’s popularity there. People I know have witnessed it numerous times in this town. There’s also anecdotal evidence of return trips elsewhere.

Australia and Japan are tied for second place with $15.2 million as of Thursday. The Middle East is worth $9.7 million dollars, Germany is worth $9 million dollars, Brazil is worth $7 million dollars, and Mexico and Italy are worth 6.1 million dollars.

The return of Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s ace jet pilot 36 years after the initial summer hit is obviously soothing to fans. The Joseph Kosinski-directed film is appealing to all demos, including those who weren’t around for the initial need for speed, and legs are showing up as older demos come out for a film that has gotten a lot of buzz.

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