Alien Star Resident Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 Plans

Alien Star Resident Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 Plans

SYFY revealed in July that it had renewed the musical series Resident Alien. Alan Tudyk, the star of the third season of the show, has some exciting news for his followers. You want a splash screen, he said. That the third season of the show, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver, might start shooting as early as January, just as the weather begins to turn chilly.

Yes, there is still some time, Tudyk remarked. “It won’t be until January, but it will happen. The rain in Vancouver is heavier and more persistent just as the temperature drops. I’ll be OK, though. I adore Vancouver, and I’ve become accustomed to rain in ways I never imagined were possible. That’s cool, I kind of stopped noticing.

Alien Star Resident Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 Plans

“Resident Alien,” a sitcom based on Peter Hogan and Stephen Parkhouse Harry, an alien played by Toddick who falls to Earth and poses as a human doctor in a tiny town, is the main character of the show. Harry starts living a quiet life after arriving with a covert mission to exterminate all people… However, things become a little complicated when he becomes involved in investigating a local murder and finds he must fit into his new environment. And as he does, he starts to examine life’s major questions, such as “Are humans worth saving?” and “Why do they fold the pizza before eating it?” He also starts to wrestle with the moral conundrum of his job.


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together with resident alien The series’ nuance between comedy and threat was perfect, and a team of producers, actors, and crew who were all striving to do something great were all factors that “came together in perfect harmony,” according to Lisa Katz, head of script content at NBCUniversal, when the show was selected for its second season. We hope that as the series progresses, we will entice more and more viewers to learn about Harry’s unique viewpoint on humanity because the attractiveness of this show has transcended the sci-fi category in a way that has allowed us to appeal to a wider audience.

What to Expect From Season 3 of Resident Alien

Alien Star Resident Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 Plans

Although Tudyk suggests that Resident Alien season 3 filming could begin in January, it should be noted that he did also say in the same interview that he had not yet seen any scripts for the following season. There is still plenty of time for showrunner Chris Sheridan and the writers room to complete the remaining scripts for season 3 with just over three months left. Tudyk also hinted that he has already started compiling a playlist of songs to send to Sheridan for possible inclusion in Resident Alien season 3, indicating that he is as eager to resume filming the popular Syfy comedy series as viewers are in the run-up to the season 2 finale.

Resident Alien season 3 could see a number of new actors join the show’s ensemble cast given that the current season saw the door opening up for a whole host of new aliens as well as the release of those held hostage by the military. Recently, Tudyk hinted at his desire to have more of his Firefly co-stars appear in the series as cameos, including Morena Baccarin. He even claimed to have the ideal role in mind for the actress. Viewers may catch up on Resident Alien’s first two seasons right now by streaming them on Peacock.

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