All Free Wp Rewards at Pubg Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass

In a few days, the 24th season of PUBG Mobile Lite, which is now in its 23rd season, will begin. While this is happening, recent Season 24 Winner Pass leaks

that surfaced online gave us a preview of a few new rewards coming to PUBG Mobile Lite.

According to the leaks, the Season 24 Winner Pass will include both free and premium versions of a lot of amazing presents. It will go on as usual for a

Players can access all of the Winner Pass prizes during this period to stock up on goods. The Winner Pass is one of the best in PUBG Mobile Lite.

ways to obtain sets, emotes, skins, and other cosmetic items. May 1st, 2018, was the

beginning of the Season 24 Winner Pass, which unveiled a fresh set of rewards.

The Season 24 Winner Pass awards for PUBG Mobile Lite are shown below.

Players must complete a number of tasks in order to progress through it and win rewards. This page contains a complete list of the free rewards offered as part of the PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass.

Season 24 Winner Pass Rewards for PUBG Lite

Any winner’s pass’s main draw is its assortment of outfit sets. A new costume set called Rhythm Rider Headgear will be available in Season 24 of the game. A spade pan, a mask, and an amazing outfit for the character are included in the gift.

It’s rumoured that the 24th edition of the Winner Pass will include a new M416. The new M416 finish will be adored by players if it proves to be authentic. The skin has a creepy axe on its muzzle and a highly uncommon colour combination of black and blue.

Additionally, the Season 24 Winner Pass leaks contain a boat skin. After applying this skin, the boat’s seating changes to a pink hue to match the overall colour scheme.

Start date for Season 24 of PUBG Mobile Lite

The current Season, according to the in-game clock, will conclude on April 30. Normally, a new season starts one day following the conclusion of the previous one. So, on May 1, PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 will launch with a brand-new Winner Pass upgrade.


Winner Pass Free Rewards for Season 24 of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Winner Pass for Season 24 of PUBG Mobile Lite: Free awards have been distributed from:

1. 500 BP for WP Rank 1
WP Rank 2: Silver 50
3. 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour WP Rank 3
4. WP Rank 7: 2x 1-Hour BP Card
5. Ghost Guardian Sombrero, WP Rank 5
6. Silver 65 WP Rank 9
Rank 7 of WP: Mission Card (Season 24)
8. Ghost Guardian Mask, WP Rank 12.
9. 2x EXP Card for WP Rank 14.
10. Scarlet Beast Parachute, WP Rank 15.
11. Silver 120 WP Rank 17

As per normal, gamers must spend 280 BC for Elite improvements and 800 BC for Elite Upgrade Plus. It is important to remember that the pass cannot be modified after purchase.

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