Amazon Prime Day 2022: What We Know About the July Sales Event

Amazon Prime Day 2022

According to a statement released by Amazon, Prime Day will occur on Tuesday, July 12, and Wednesday, July 13. Time to start getting ready as the

In particular, Amazon is running promotions like the Prime Stamp card and introducing new early discounts every day, so the sale is barely a week away. as we enter You can stay organized and sort through all the bargains on Prime Day by having a clear notion of the kinds of products you want to buy and the people you’re buying them for. The thousands of deals on goods, including electronics and exercise equipment, that are generally unavailable the rest of the year are offered during the event.

According to Amazon, Prime Day will be held in more than 20 countries and will provide discounts from “national brands and local businesses across each category When Prime Day first launched in 2015, it was a far smaller-scale event that only took place in nine countries and lasted for 24 hours.

hours. According to Annie Palmer, a technology journalist for CNBC, Amazon Prime Day has since grown to the point where “it has utterly altered the retail calendar.”

Along with producing annual total sales in the billions of dollars, Prime Day forced competing retailers to respond. For instance, the Deal Days this year competition will take place at Target from July 11 to July 13. The dates of Walmart’s, Best Buy’s, and Lowe’s summer deals have not yet been made public.

Customers have even more chances to save when specials are running around the same time as Prime Day.

In our guide, you can find additional information about what to buy on Prime Day (and what to pass up). In order to assist you in preparing for Prime Day 2022 in July,

analyzed what is currently known about the incident and provided professional advice for preparing in advance. We’ll update you as we learn more about Prime Day 2022.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is when?

Prime Day 2022 will be held on Tuesday, July 12, and Wednesday, July 13. On the other hand, early Prime Day discounts and incentives started to appear on

June 21. When you spend $1 on eligible small business products, you’ll be entered to win prizes like VIP memberships on selected Amazon devices.

Super Bowl LVII tickets and passes to music festivals.

Currently, early adopter products including JBL speakers, Molekule air purifiers, Insignia TVs, and others are available.

Prime Day discounts. Additionally, you may browse clothing and shoe sales from Amazon brands and select from AmazonBasics products like furniture.

accessories for technology and refurbishment.

Later this year, Amazon might perhaps host a second Prime Day event, according to CNBC. However, it would be the first time if the event did occur.

In a given year, Amazon held two exclusive sales for Prime subscribers. The company has not yet responded to or recognized this report.

The date of Prime Day has lately changed as a result of the pandemic. The latest time it had ever been held, the sale took place on Amazon in October 2020.

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Experts speculated that the 2021 Olympics’ postponement and the accompanying July holiday may have contributed to Prime Day’s earliest date ever, which occurred in June of last year.

surge in tourism Before that, all five Prime Day events from 2015 through 2019 were held in July.

What does Amazon Prime Day mean?

The large retailer offers a variety of deals to Prime members only during the multi-day Amazon Prime Day event. Customers may receive discounts on

During Prime Day, which typically lasts 48 hours, you may get everything from clothing to kitchen appliances.

Beyond product reductions, Prime Day has many benefits. Furthermore, Amazon usually offers a variety of promotions and discounts before,

both before and after the occurrence. For example, prior to Prime Day 2021, Prime members may obtain a $10 credit that they could use to make a Prime Day purchase by purchasing anything for $10 from any of the small companies on Amazon’s Support Small website.

Additional Prime Day advantages have in the past been offered through the Amazon Prime credit card.

Is a Prime Membership Required to Receive an Amazon Day Discount?

Yes, Amazon Prime Day is only open to Prime subscribers. Along with speedy shipping, there are many benefits available to Prime subscribers.

& free shipping, unique streaming content, entertainment, and other stuff. But keep in mind that Amazon raised the price of Prime.

membership this year for both new and current members. Amazon Prime now costs $15 per month (up from $13 previously), or $139 annually.

(was $119 before). The price of a Prime Student membership has increased from $59 annually to $69 annually on the store.

Additionally, Amazon provides a discounted Prime membership for those who qualify for certain types of government assistance programmes, such as Medicaid and EBT.

the subscription that is approximately 50% less expensive than a standard membership. If you select the $7 monthly reduced option, you must recertify your eligibility every 12 months.


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What Additional Stores Discount During Amazon Prime Day?

On Prime Day and the days prior, competing sales are offered by other retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Recently, Target disclosed that its annual Deal

Days sale, which this year runs from July 11–13, offers savings on everything from Target labels like Good & Gathers to national names like Apple.

Similar to how Amazon handles it, Target will provide discounts leading up to the event on and through the Target app. even when the merchant hasn’t

The Deals for Days sale for this year has not yet been scheduled, but it usually occurs around Prime Day.

Kristin McGrath, the shopping editor at RetailMeNot, suggested comparing prices across stores before making a Prime Day buy because of the discounts.

themselves as well as the “massive free delivery advantages,” as she put it. You can use browser add-ons like Honey to accomplish this, but McGrath cautioned

They may not capture all the savings you can get if discount codes are used. “ Put any expensive things into your cart as soon as possible at a few stores.

comparing your final price once any discounts have been applied, she said. After all discounts have been applied, this will give you a clearer understanding of the prices.

taken into consideration.

Although some Lightning Deals could sell out quickly, consider taking a little more time to compare. Better still, add any items you actually want to your cart in advance.

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