‘American Idol’ Crowns Season 20 Winner

American Idol Season 20 Winner

American Idol Season 20 Winner, Sunday, American Idol chose a new winner, and it was a country music battle for the ages.

ABC went live from coast to coast so that the last three contestants, Leah Marlene, Huntergirl, and Noah Thompson, could ask America to vote for them.

The episode was too long at three hours, so there was too much going on, but at least there were some great musical performances along the way.

Even after all these years, the former FOX reality show still knows how to put on showstopping performances. This is because the producers bring in a wide range of talented people to take part.

American Idol Season 20 Winner

Leah Marlene started the show off in an exciting way by singing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” The judges were very impressed with the 20-year-performance. old’s

Lionel Richie was clearly impressed by the huge amount of talent on the show this year when he said, “What big shoes you’ve stepped into.”

Katy Perry said that Marlene had “it all,” which is a big compliment in the music business.

“You’ve won, full stop, end of the story,” Perry said.

Marlene also got to sing “Flowers,” a song she wrote and just put out.

The performance was raw and emotional, and it ended with the crowd chanting “Leah.”

That’s a big thumbs-up, right?

Richie said, “The crowd will not lie to you.” “Thanks for showing your songwriter side.”

Perry said of the performance and the song, “I’m so lucky to be here and a part of this show, which is really making a difference and changing lives.”

“That song is so beautiful, and it will make a difference in the lives of other people.”

Luke Bryan agreed with the other judges that it was a great song.

“You must be on a wild ride,” he said.

“I’m so happy for you, and you’re allowed to feel this way right now.”

Huntergirl opened with “Dancing in the Dark,” which was, as expected, another powerhouse performance.

“You’re comfortable. Perry said, “This is your stage.”


“You did even more than that. I don’t think you are a star. I think you are as bright as a star.”

Richie told her, “You now own the stage.”

“You are now in charge of your own career, and you have a career, my dear.”

“Music is therapy for a lot of people,” Katy said. “Sometimes we are our own therapists.”

Noah, the third of the three finalists, started things off with “I’m on Fire.”

Noah was good in his first audition, but since he’s been on the show, he’s become a star.

Luke said, “It’s been a long time since that first audition, buddy.”

He said, “You have what is now your stage persona.”

“That’s what we call an artist. You have now reached that great point in your life.”

Thompson then sang his own song, “One Day Tonight,” after that performance.

Perry said after the performance, “I’m just going to keep my tissue in the palm of my hand.”

“Don’t give up on dreaming. You and your life have a purpose.”

Just before the half-way point of the show, Ryan Seacrest told the audience that Marlene had come in third. This meant that Huntergirl and Thompson would have to perform one last time for America’s Vote.

Thompson chose “Stay” by Rihanna, and Huntergirl chose “Riot” by Rascal Flatts, which was the song she sang at her first audition.

At the end of the episode, we learned that 16 million votes had been cast and that Thompson had won the show.

“My heart is beating out of my chest,” the singer said in a quiet voice. “This is madness.”

This season of the show had A+ talent, and we’re sure all of the finalists will have great careers in the future.

How do you feel about Thompson’s win?

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