Ana Kasparian Net Worth: What Will This Person’s Net Worth Be in 2022?

Ana Kasparian piques your attention. She is currently popular enough among the youth. We will write her biography in this section. We have some wonderful news for you if you want to learn more about Anahit Misak Ana Kasparian. You can learn about Anahit Misak Ana Kasparian’s net worth, age, height, and other data by reading this post. Let’s go on to the following part.

Ana Kasparian’s Net Worth

Ana Kasparian is a $2 million net worth American co-host and producer. he was born in July 1986 in Los Angeles, California. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from California State University, Northridge in 2007. Ana earned a Master of Arts in Political Science from Cal State Northridge in 2010.

She worked as an assistant producer for CBS Radio news stations KFWB and KNX in Los Angeles. Her former employers include AOL News, On Point, YouTube, and TidalTv. Kasparian is the producer and co-host of the internet news show The Young Turks. She started working on the short as a fill-in producer in 2007. Ana has appeared countless times on RT and RT America.

He also co-hosts TYT University and hosts The Point on the TYT Network. In 2010, she also co-produced the short documentary Who is Cenk Uygur? Kasparian made his feature film debut in 2010 with the short Hopeless. She’s also been on shows such as TYT Arm Wrestling Tournament, The Aloyna Show, and TakePart Live.

Ana Kasparian’s Date of Birth and Age

Are you interested in learning more about Anahit Misak Ana Kasparian’s age? The birthday has been highlighted, as well as information such as birthplace, hometown, and so on. According to our study, the birthday is July 7, 1986. She is 36 years old now. Her birthplace is Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Ana Kasparian’s Relationships and Affairs

Anahit Misak Ana Kasparian is single or married. This section will provide you with information about her personal life as well as problems that you are interested in. This part was prepared to offer a sense of her marital status, affairs, interests, and many other things. In this section, you will learn about her preferences and peculiarities. To learn more about your favourite person’s married life, look at the table below.


Kasparian claims that seeing journalist Barbara Walters on 20/20 motivated her to pursue journalism.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BAJ) from California State University, Northridge, she worked as an associate producer for CBS Radio news stations in Los Angeles, first with KFWB and then with KNX (CSUN). She said she was lucky to have a job shortly after college, but she loathed working for CBS Radio because the “robotic work environment” stopped her from saying what she wanted on the air or covering topics that were important to her.

She enrolled in a master’s degree programme as a “way out” of the media. AOL News, YouTube, Tidal, and On Point are among her clients. After filling in as host in April 2007, Kasparian became the producer and co-host of the progressive talk radio show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and the internet show/TV show The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur.


She was initially apprehensive of her new work environment, as an Armenian proverb goes. “The Young Turks” is an intriguing moniker, but she learnt after working there that it “essentially means rebels.” Individuals who reject traditional standards. She had so much fun on The Young Turks that she decided to stay in the business. She was supposed to leave after two weeks, but she “kind of refused,” she claims. At first, she was hired for marketing, but she “weaselled” her way into doing on-air segments. Kasparian elaborated on why she appreciates working at TYT:

“One of my favourite features of the show was that it was unscripted.” It was raw meat. It was completely natural and unspoiled.” In a Forbes interview, she also stated that she cannot claim to be a “neutral robot.” She needed an outlet to express herself, sometimes “aggressively,” and TYT provided that.


Kasparian began lecturing (i.e. teaching) journalism at California State University, Northridge in August 2013.

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