Andor Season Two Filming start date A rumor exposed by Disney

Disney has disputed a notion that the new Star Wars Andor series will begin production in November for its sophomore season.

The start of filming for Andor season 2 has been refuted. The next instalment will focus on Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), the protagonist of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, five years before the events of the film. As Cassian embarks on missions to do whatever it takes to further the Revolt’s goals, the spy thriller will show the early beginnings of the Revolt and its intelligence professionals.

Despite the fact that filming for Andor season 1 ended last fall, no release date has been announced. However, one is expected to be released during the Star Wars Celebration this year. The series has already been confirmed to have its own panel during the event, with reports circulating that a trailer and release date will be announced at that time. Apart from that and a few small details, not much about Andor has been divulged ahead of its season 1 run.

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While stories from Making Star Wars suggest an autumnal start to filming for Andor season 2 based on Skarsgrd’s statements, a Disney official has now confirmed to Display screen Rant that this is not the case.

Making Star Wars reported that a source from Elstree Studios, where the first Star Wars trilogy was shot, said that filming for the sequel would begin in November. It was also reported that production will last for 18 months, which is unusually long for a series like Andor. Although it was initially speculated that the idea was to film two additional seasons of Andor rather than one, Disney has officially ruled out these possibilities. However, it’s possible that Andor season 2 will be replaced by another Star Wars production.

Though many people will be disappointed by this debunking, there is still plenty to look forward to with the release of Andor season 1. Andor season 1 is expected to launch in August, giving the 12-episode series plenty of time to establish a following before moving on to season 2. This might give the show a timetable comparable to The Mandalorian season 3, which was supposed to start filming a few months after the second season’s release but ended up being delayed by almost a year. Andor season 2 will most likely launch in early 2024, with the best case scenario being late 2023.

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With so little information about the new Star Wars series, it’s difficult to predict what to anticipate from season 1 of Andor, let alone season 2.

There will almost certainly be cameos by other Rogue One Rebellion characters, original Star Wars trilogy characters, or even animated characters from Star Wars Rebels, which is set around the same time. Season 2 of Andor, if it follows in the footsteps of The Mandalorian, will expand the show’s reach into the larger Star Wars universe, though a 12-episode run would seem to allow for much of that in season 1. For the next few years, it appears like there will be enough to look forward to from Andor, particularly for fans of the original Star Wars trilogy.

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