Anna Delvey’s Net Worth: How Much Money She Stole?

Since taking on the name of Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokin‘s life has changed dramatically. Anna Sorokin’s net worth is unknown.

Her enthralling tale has also been adapted for television. But who is she in reality? This is the article that we are going to look at.

Who Was Anna Sorokin’s Creator?

While some may describe Anna Sorokin as a genius, others may describe her as a fraudster, she certainly exhibited both traits throughout her time as an imposter.

She pretended to be a German heiress in the United States for around four years before being discovered and incarcerated.

Her story has also been dramatized for television, and she has done interviews about her experience. She has a history of attempted grand larceny, theft of services, and larceny in the second degree convictions.

Her defrauding of numerous organizations, such as banks and hotels, as well as acquaintances, totals $275,000 in total.

The Netflix Original Series Inventing Anna

The case of Anna Sorokin has been resurrected because to Netflix’s decision to broadcast her narrative in a nine-part series. Shonda Rhimes created the drama, which resurrects the story of Anna Sorokin’s time as Anna Delvey.

The show will follow a genuine timeline of events from the trial and in life, as well as including certain dramatic elements for television purposes. Anna Sorokin was arrested in 2017 after it was discovered that she had been milking banks and motels for which she had not paid.

Exploration of the Show

The show Inventing Anna digs into Anna Sorokin’s time as an imposter, but from the point of view of the journalist who brought the exposition on Sorokin to light, which became popular in 2018.

Every episode begins with the following statement, which clarifies the show’s stance: “This entire story is totally real.” With the exception of the bits that are entirely made up.”

The episode will reveal her entire number of charges for which she was found guilty (eight). She was then given a maximum term of 12 years in prison (minimum 4). She has spent time in a variety of correctional facilities before being scheduled for release in February 2021.

She has been held in detention and is fighting deportation, which is still pending. Netflix compensated her for her work as a show consultant.

Anna Delvey’s Net Worth

Anna Sorokin’s net worth has plummeted since she alleged to have $60 million in offshore bank accounts as Anna Delvey. Sorokin was compensated by Netflix for the rights to her life story for their limited series Inventing Anna, but after paying back her restitution and ongoing legal bills, she doesn’t have nearly as much money to her name.

She would be left with roughly $97,000 from her Inventing Anna wage. As a result, Anna Delvey’s net worth in 2022 is less than $100,000—though, considering her prior spending tendencies, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already in debt.

Anna Delvey Stole How Much Money?

Sorokin defrauded dozens of friends and businesses out of money to fund her luxurious lifestyle between 2013 and 2017, falsely claiming to have a fortune of more than $60 million abroad. The German national frequently claimed to be an heiress to her father’s oil fortune. In actuality, her father worked as a truck driver for the working class.

on the other hand, was able to amass tens of thousands of dollars under the appearance of wealth throughout the years. This includes a time when she agreed to pay for an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco with some friends, only to leave her friend to foot the $62,000 bill. Sorokin allegedly persuaded a bank to provide her a $100,000 loan in another occasion. She also allegedly stole $35,400 to cover the cost of a plane she had chartered to and from Nebraska in the past. The con artist was also accused of manipulating financial records in order to obtain a $22 million loan for her fictitious organisation, the Anna Delvey Foundation.


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Sorokin’s fraud enabled her to steal an estimated $275,000, according to prosecutors at her 2019 trial. The scammer was fined $24,000 and compelled to pay over $200,000 in restitution as part of her 2019 punishment.

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