Apex Season 15 Release Date, New Legend, New Map: And Much More!

Apex Season 15

This article contains all the information you need regarding the forthcoming release date and features of Apex season 15. Multiple articles provide additional information regarding the legend and map, but for the heirloom, consult the infographic!

The release date for season 15 of Apex Legends is approaching, and it appears that it will include a new legend, map, and heirloom. As each season introduces more material, the battle royale game has become increasingly superior.

It was previously believed that Loba’s Apex Legends heirloom would be released alongside Season 15, but we now know that it will be part of the Beast of Prey collection event. This implies that the next major update may bestow an heirloom upon one of seven legends.

Typically, the last season of the year is the most thrilling because the previous three seasons all featured a new map. According to determined leaks, season 15 will continue this pattern. Here is all we currently know about the upcoming season, including the identity of the next legend, the location of the new map, and much more.

Season 15 Release Date Specifics

Season 15 Release Date Specifics


Considering the in-game countdown and the fact that new seasons typically begin on Tuesdays, Season 15 of Apex Legends will begin on November 1. This is also the expected end time for the Fight or Fright event.

With the exception of the third season, which lasted just under four months, Respawn has always published a new season of Apex every three months.

New map for Apex Legends season 15

A screenshot of a new moon-based terrain appeared several months ago, much to the delight of players. Given that the title of season 15 is “Eclipse,” the location of the map is unsurprising.

As with the majority of maps, this one will include a brand-new layout that will need some time to master.

Season 15 Apex Legends map modifications

There’s a good probability Respawn Entertainment will make improvements to the existing map pool in Season 15 to enhance the player experience, despite the lack of information regarding any upcoming map revisions.

Weapons for Season 15 of Apex Legends

There are currently no indications that any new weaponry will be added to the Apex arsenal. However, another round of weapon balancing is forthcoming.

Be sure to check back closer to the release date for the most recent Season 15 boosts and nerfs.

That is all there is to know about the Season 15 update for Apex Legends. Visit our Apex Legends page for the most recent information, leaks, and tutorials.

Who Is the New Legend of the 15th Season?

Respawn has revealed that the Season 15 Legend will be “Catalyst.” Even though we know nothing about her background, she is the first transgender woman to participate in the Apex games.

We do not yet know precisely what abilities she possesses, but we do know she can control a substance known as “ferrofluid.”

According to Catalyst leaks, they were a “creative function Object() { [native code] }” capable of the following:

Patch Notes for Season 15 of Apex Legends

Respawn has not yet released the official Season 15 patch notes. However, once they have, you can just click this link to view the latest Apex Legends Patch Notes.


New Map for Season 15 of Apex: Broken Moon

As has been customary in Apex, every fourth season we receive a new map, and Season 15 will include Broken Moon.

This new map has been known for quite some time, and it depicts the moon as you would expect.

If you create a Golden Ticket from a replicator this season (only available in pubs, not ranked), you will eventually be allowed to explore the new map before it is released. This is an intriguing marketing concept, albeit we do not yet know the specifics.

Weapon Changes for Season 15 of Apex Legends

Season 15 will feature significant weapon alterations, which should drastically disrupt the Apex Weapon Tier List. However, we will not be receiving a new weapon.

Obviously, a new season also implies that new weapons will be added to the crafter and a handful of red-tier weapons will be reintroduced to the standard loot pool. But we currently lack this information.

What Do We Know About The Season 15 Battle Pass?

The Season 15 Battle Pass will cost one thousand Apex Coins, or ten dollars, and will include one hundred new cosmetic items.

It will also be possible to purchase the Battle Pass with the first 25 tiers unlocked for 2800 Apex Coins ($30). Therefore, it is essentially identical to every Battle Pass in Apex and any other game with a Battle Pass system.

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