Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and many other tech giant stopped sales in Russia

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and many othe tech giant stoped sales in Russia

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine progresses, a number of businesses have announced that they will cease selling goods and services in the nation. Everything from video games to iPhones may become more difficult to obtain in Russia as a result of this.

Both Apple and Microsoft announced this week that they will no longer sell products in Russia. While the conflict continues, EA has announced that it will halt the sale of games and other digital things. Other web services, including Airbnb, are ceasing operations in Russia.

Other measures taken by IT companies include a crackdown on misinformation and a reduction in the internet presence of Russian state-owned media channels such as RT News and Sputnik News. In Russia, Google and Twitter have halted advertising.


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List of Companies discontinued selling services in Russia

Here are some tech companies that have discontinued selling or providing services in Russia:

Apple: The tech giant has ceased selling its products in Russia and has put a halt to online transactions, including Apple Pay. In Ukraine, it has also disabled some Apple Maps capabilities to safeguard civilians.


The Windows maker has halted sales of its products and services in Russia, while vowing to improve cybersecurity in Ukraine.


While Google’s search engine is still available in Russia, the company’s advertising business has been halted in the nation. This includes YouTube ad money, search ad revenue, and any other Google-sponsored marketing. Some Google Maps capabilities have also been restricted, while Google still provides information on refugee resources for Ukrainians fleeing the country.


As of Friday, Samsung’s shipments to Russia have been halted. “Shipments to Russia have been suspended due to current geopolitical developments,” a Samsung representative stated. “We’re still keeping a close eye on this complicated scenario to see what our next measures should be.”


TikTok is a popular short-form video app. In Russia, TikTok is halting livestreaming and adding fresh content to its video service. The decision was made based on the newly approved “fake news” law in Russia, according to the firm, which claimed it needed to assess the safety implications of the new legislation, which punishes individuals who distribute “false information” regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with up to 15 years in prison.


The ephemeral-messaging service has banned all ad sales to Russian and Belarusian companies, yet its software is still available as a communication tool throughout the region.


The room-rental website has halted operations in Russia and Belarus and announced that its charitable company will provide 100,000 Ukrainian refugees with free temporary lodging. It has also waived host and guest fees for bookings in Ukraine, since individuals from all over the world use Airbnb to directly support Ukrainians by “paying but not staying,” as The Guardian put it.

All cinema releases in Russia have been blocked by Disney, including the upcoming Pixar feature Turning Red.


Sony Pictures Entertainment has halted scheduled theatrical releases in Russia. However, Sony’s popular gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is still available for purchase. Despite mounting pressure on the corporation to stop selling its gaming system in the country, the company has remained defiant.


The film studio will also halt releases in Russia, though it has yet to reveal which titles will be affected.


The video game company’s Russian e-shop is now in maintenance mode, which means it is unavailable to Russian consumers. Russian gamers are currently unable to purchase new games using the site.

Electronic Arts, the creator of popular video games such as the FIFA franchise, has halted all content sales in Russia and Belarus. Games, add-on material, and virtual currency are all examples of this. In addition, Russian national teams have been banned from all versions of EA’s soccer and hockey video games.


Intel has halted all supplies to customers in Russia and Belarus, including chip shipments.


Netflix has put a halt to all new projects and acquisitions in Russia. Netflix has also refused to include state-run channels in its Russian offering.

BMW, Ford, General Motors, and Honda: Several automobile manufacturers have reduced their operations in Russia. BMW will discontinue producing cars in Kaliningrad and exporting them to Russia. “Effective now, until further notice,” Ford is ceasing operations in Russia. GM has decided to stop doing business in Russia. Honda has halted exports to the country.

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