Apple to pay $300 million in damages for patent infringements

A Texas judge has denied Apple’s request for a third trial in its battle with wireless patent holding company PanOptis. It means that the Cupertino corporation will now be held liable for $300 million in damages for allegedly infringing on wireless communication patents deliberately.

In 2019, Optis, PanOptis’ parent firm, filed a lawsuit against Apple over five patents related to 4G LTE technology. This is the technology that Apple and other manufacturers employ in devices like the iPhone and iPad to provide wireless access so that customers may enjoy cellular service while on the road.

A court later ruled in favour of Optis, ordering Apple to pay more than $500 million to its opponent in the dispute. A federal judge, however, allowed a retrial in April 2021, citing “substantial doubt” about the verdict.

Despite the fact that the amount was lowered to $300 million following a second trial, Apple claimed it was entitled to a third trial because of several flaws with the evidence, testimony, jury instructions, and the amount of money granted to Optis.


However, according to Reuters, Apple’s request for a fresh trial or ruling has been denied by East Texas US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap.

In the United Kingdom, Apple and Optis are suing one other over the same claimed infringements. The possibility has been expressed that the outcome of that case could result in Apple being barred from selling iPhones in the United Kingdom, or Apple making its own decision to depart the market.

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