Are You The One Season 6: Are Any of The Couples From Season 6 Still Dating?

Are You The One?, an MTV dating programme that is now available on Netflix in the United States, has seen a boom in popularity, and fans will be pleased to learn that season 6 was recently released this month. Every season, there’s a lot of chaos and drama as single men and women strive to figure out who their perfect match is. Even if an algorithm decides who should be paired, that doesn’t guarantee the candidates agree with the decision.

Many of the participants in Are You The One? season 6 had already started dating other co-stars before discovering that their perfect match was someone completely different. So, what’s happened since the MTV series launched in 2017? We’ve got all the details on the ideal matches right here!

If you haven’t finished the season yet or simply don’t recall who the perfect matches for Are You The One? are, here’s a list.

Check out our list below for season 6!

Are You the One Season 6 Matches | Full Couples List!

Tyler Colon and Nicole Spiller

Despite the fact that the truth booth judged Nicole Spiller and Tyler Colon to be a couple, they did not want to pursue their relationship any further. As a result, they decided not to date each other and instead focused on finding a suitable partner on their own.

Clinton Moxam and Geles Rodriguez

Geles Rodriguez and Clinton Moxam are one of the most unforgettable couples in Are You The One Season 6 because of their fairytale love story. Although the booth did not fit the couple perfectly, they chose to date each other quietly and finally married.

Dimitri Valentin And Nurys Mateo

The relationship between Nurys Mateo and Dimitri Valentin had a rocky start. The two did not finish the race and split ways. Dimitri is currently employed as both a fitness trainer and a model. On social media, Nurys isn’t exactly forthcoming with his personal details.

Anthony Martin and Alexis Eddy

Alexis Eddy and Anthony Martin, the unhappy pair, were unable to maintain their affection throughout the event. Alexis Eddy’s sudden death just added to the chaos of their not-so-happy love story.

Audrey Diaz and David Shad

Audrey Diaz and David Shad were the power couple who set the bar high for other famous couples with their romantic love and provocative behaviour. However, the couple is no longer together and is comfortable with their single status as they pursue their modelling careers.

Diandra Delgado and Kareem Fathalla (numbers 6 and 7)

Diandra Delgado and Kareem Fathalla, who met on the set of the show, were the second pair who were supposed to be together, according to the truth box on the show.

Despite dating each other, the couple was unable to share the same thoughts and ended up dating other contestants. They are both currently single!

Ethan Cohen and Zoe Pugh

Zoe Pugh and Ethan Cohen were romantically connected and had a tumultuous relationship throughout the season.

The couple was successful in gaining public attention and adoration, but they were unable to continue their dating relationship and ended up parting up.

Keith Klebacher and Jada Allen

Who can forget Jada Allen’s strained on-again, off-again affair with Keith Klebacher?

Certainly not! Certainly not me! During the show’s run, the two have had a tumultuous relationship and have brought a lot of spicy drama and emotions to the show. They, on the other hand, ended their relationship and went their separate ways.

Malcolm Drummer and Alivia Hunter

Alivia Hunter and Malcolm Drummer have kept the audience entertained throughout their performances with their musical banter and a flurry of flirtationships. The couple had been dating for quite some time before deciding to split up for the sake of their relationship.

Michael Johnson and Keyana Land

Keyana Land and Michael Johnson were one of the show’s initial couples, and they rapidly became fan favourites.

They dated in grandiose fashion and in exotic locations. On the other hand, the over-hyped couple was unable to maintain their relationship and was forced to split up.



With its legendary pairings, magical wooing, and snarky scripts, Are You The One has captivated audiences. As a result, following such a thrilling show is absolutely legal. Season 6 matches have ruled supreme in the hearts of Are You The One fans, transforming the reality show into a living experience!

So, from the comfort of your own couch, revisit Are You The One Season 6 Matches on Hulu with your match! Also, please share your favourite couples from the show in the comments.

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