Arizona GOP Primary Tests Power Of Trump’s Big Lie

On Tuesday, voters in Arizona will have a chance to decide between candidates who claim they wouldn’t have certified the results of the 2020 campaign and those who contend it’s time to move on, putting the Republican Party’s endorsement of Donald Trump‘s electoral lies to the test.

A number of candidates who uphold his lies have received the former president’s backing and endorsement, most notably former television news anchor Kari Lake in the election for governor. Karrin Taylor Robson, a lawyer and businesswoman, opposes Lake, who claims she would have refused to certify President Joe Biden’s narrow victory in Arizona. Taylor Robson thinks the GOP should concentrate on the future despite an election she has branded “unfair.”

Trump is also supporting a state senator who was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and believes the former president was robbed of victory in the battle to serve as secretary of state, which will oversee elections.

The Arizona races are set to offer crucial hints about the GOP’s future as the midterm primary season enters its home stretch this month. As he explores a run for the White House again in 2024, victories by Trump-backed politicians might provide the former president supporters who control how elections are conducted. However, defeats might indicate that the party is open to taking a new course.

Former governor of Arizona Jan Brewer, who is supporting Robson, stated that the majority of people and many Trump supporters want to move on. That was two years ago, after all. Let’s leave. So let’s go.

The Republican elections for governor of Michigan and senator of Missouri are two more races that will be widely monitored on Tuesday. Since the U.S. Supreme Court removed a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion, voters will have the first opportunity to express their opinions on the issue in Kansas. Additionally, there are primary opponents for two Republican House members from Washington state who supported Trump’s impeachment.

But the battles are particularly important in Arizona, a longstanding Republican bastion that has recently shifted in favour of Democrats due to Phoenix’s booming expansion. Whether Biden’s triumph in this country in 2020 was a one-time occurrence or the beginning of a long-term shift away from the GOP will be clear after the primary and the November election.

Arizona has played a key role in efforts by Trump and his friends to cast doubt on Biden’s victory by making false accusations of fraud since the stakes were so high.

There is no solid evidence that the election was rigged, according to federal and state election officials as well as Trump’s own attorney general. The courts, including those Trump selected judges, flatly rejected the former president’s accusations of fraud. Biden won by a wider margin than the official count, according to a manual recount conducted in Arizona’s largest county under the direction of Trump supporters.

Even though Trump continues to enjoy the highest level of support within the GOP, his attempts to sway primary elections this year have had varying degrees of success. In primaries held in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania, his handpicked candidates won.

But in Georgia, another crucial state in Trump’s election strategy, his hand-picked candidate for governor lost by more than 50%. The Republican candidate for Georgia’s secretary of state defeated a primary foe endorsed by Trump to win reelection.

In Arizona, where the current governor, Doug Ducey, is ineligible for reelection, the former president is expecting to have more success. Trump may have a better chance to sway the outcome here than he would in Georgia.

After hosting the evening news in Phoenix for more than 20 years, Lake is well recognised over a large portion of the state. She is now running as an outspoken opponent of the McCain family and other opponents of Trump’s Make America Great Again Movement, as well as the mainstream media, which she claims is biassed against Republicans.

An outspoken backer of Trump’s election fraud, Lake claims that her campaign has “already detected some stealing going on” in her own race but has always declined to offer any supporting information.

Robson is mostly self-funding her campaign; her spouse is a wealthy real estate developer. The GOP establishment has backed her over the past month with a number of endorsements from Ducey, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former Vice President Mike Pence. The establishment is growing more at ease maintaining distance from Trump.

In light of the vital presidential primary in two years, the groundswell of establishment support for Robson has attracted national attention to a race.

Christie, who ran for president in 2016, claimed that “everyone wants to try to make this some kind of proxy for 2024.” I’ve experienced enough of these to know that 2024 will be determined by the individuals who stand up to the bat and ’24 and how they perform or do not perform at that time.

Robson is running a mostly old-school Republican campaign centred on slashing taxes and regulations, guarding the border and supporting school choice.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination against Marco Lopez, a former mayor of Nogales and person in charge of border enforcement under President Barack Obama’s administration.

With her passionate support of the validity of the 2020 election, Hobbs, Arizona’s chief elections official, won over Democrats and attracted death threats. She is, however, hindered by a discrimination case that one of Hobbs’ Black policy advisers from the Legislature ultimately won.

Blake Masters, a 35-year-old first-time candidate in the Senate race who has spent the most of his career working for billionaire Peter Thiel, who is funding his campaign, is the candidate that Trump is endorsing. Masters is focusing on cultural concerns that drive the right, such as critical race theory and claims of suppression by big tech.

Between Masters, entrepreneur Jim Lamon, and attorney general Mark Brnovich, all of whom jockeyed for his support, there was no apparent front-runner in the campaign prior to Trump’s endorsement.

Lamon claims that Trump erred by sponsoring Masters and is using his own wealth to draw attention to Masters’ connections to technology companies and his writings as a college student in favour of open borders. Lamon signed a document claiming to be one of Arizona’s “duly elected and qualified” electors and that Trump had won the state in the 2020 election.


When the attorney general’s investigation into election fraud failed to result in criminal charges being brought against election officials, Trump became enraged with Brnovich and may have destroyed his campaign.

In the fall, the primary winner will challenge current Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly.

Mark Finchem, a Trump-backed candidate who was in the Capitol on January 6, and Shawnna Bolick, a state lawmaker who has pushed for legislation allowing the Legislature to override the will of the voters and determine who receives the state’s 11 electoral votes for president, are running as Republicans for secretary of state. Advertising executive Beau Lane, who maintains that there were no significant issues with the 2020 election, has received support from the GOP establishment.

Rusty Bowers, the Republican speaker of the state House, is seeking to advance to the state Senate, but he is up against a candidate sponsored by Trump who testified before a House committee on January 6 about Trump’s pressure campaign after the 2020 election.

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