Attacking High-Dollar Consultants While Owning One, RNC Challenger

Attacking High-Dollar Consultants While Owning One, RNC Challenger

Tuesday’s Turning Point USA conference will include Harmeet Dhillon’s campaign to remove Ronna McDaniel as chair of the Republican National Committee.

PHOENIX — Harmeet Dhillon, a potential candidate to lead the Republican National Committee, repeated her criticism of the party’s highly compensated consultants on Tuesday while collecting $1.3 million in RNC payments to her law company over the previous four years.

From the podium at the “America Fest” gathering of the right-leaning student organisation Turning Point USA, she declared, “They’re so married to that sweet, sweet dollars.” “Whether they win or lose, they are paid. I currently own a little business. I started a law firm, where I am a partner. Whether we win or lose, we are not paid. Whether they do well or not, they are paid. Many people don’t.

“Our money must go to the grassroots activists if it isn’t going to the candidates. That will be my commitment as the party’s chair, she continued.

But according to a HuffPost examination of Federal Election Commission filings, Dhillon neglected to indicate that the RNC has paid her firm $1,333,967 ever since she attended the former President Donald Trump’s “social media” summit at the White House in July 2019.

Dhillon has collected $360,575 from the former president’s numerous political committees and now now represents him personally. Prior to her address at the White House, neither Trump nor the RNC had given her any money.

Dhillon did not respond to a HuffPost inquiry regarding whether or whether she is compensated based on the outcome of her own contracts with the RNC.

Attacking High-Dollar Consultants While Owning One, RNC Challenger

Only six other law firms—including titans like JoDay and McGuireWoods—received more money from the RNC during the past four years. In contrast, the Dhillon Law Group promotes itself as a “boutique” company and has a total of 21 attorneys.

Since January 1, 2019, the RNC has spenes nt a total of $1.2 billion. Of that, $93.1 million went to 72 companies and individuals designated as consultants, while $50.8 million went to 169 law firms for legal work.

Only 13 of the later firms collected more money than Dhillon Law Group over the previous four years.


Dhillon’s ally claimed that her work for the RNC, which included defending certain staff and members who received subpoenas in the Jan. 6 inquiry, totally justifies the money she has been paid. The supporter spoke on the condition of anonymity.

She is the best conservative election attorney in the nation, the ally claimed, noting that Dhillon has already committed to refraining from taking on new cases should she be elected chair. “She’s sacrificing a lot of money,”

Ronna McDaniel’s campaign for a fourth two-year term as the RNC chair’s spokespeople did not reply to questions from HuffPost.

One McDaniel ally claimed that Dhillon’s criticism of McDaniel, the party’s employees, and consultants was unwarranted and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The McDaniel ally asserted that Harmeet Dhillon would be aware that the RNC is already decentralised with 56 state parties in every state and territory if she spent less time on television as a TV lawyer. “Not only was what she stated an enormous insult to the state parties and their local or county parties, but what she suggests would actually expand the power of the RNC chairperson by holding her accountable to a broader group outside of the existing RNC rather than the state parties. She would then resemble a Republican pope or supreme leader.

However, the main focus of Dhillon’s approach to expand the RNC campaign beyond the 168 members of the committee to the whole Republican activist base has been going on television and the internet.

On Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson’s show earlier this month, she declared her candidature. She appeared on Steve Bannon’s show the following day. She made an appearance on the show that YouTube star Tim Pool was hosting on the TPUSA stage on Monday night.

She stated in her speech the following morning that “just a small number of members of the Republican National Committee are engaged on social media.” “Even if their lives were on the line, they couldn’t identify any of the influencers. That is a difficulty.

Following a straw poll of its attendees over the previous few days, TPUSA, whose founder Charlie Kirk sided with Trump in 2016, reported on Tuesday that Dhillon had defeated McDaniel 58% to 2%, with election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell collecting 31% of the vote and 10% voting with no opinion.

Dhillon pleaded with the crowd of many thousand people to speak with the RNC representatives in their state on her behalf. Ask your state party leadership to take a poll on who they think should lead the RNC going forward, she advised.

Her key point in Phoenix was that Dhillon was “weary of losing” and that McDaniel and the RNC had primarily achieved defeats in the previous three elections.

Attacking High-Dollar Consultants While Owning One, RNC Challenger

She claimed that “our party was out-spent, out-messaged, and out-worked.” The so-called “red wave” wasn’t real.

Like the majority of Republicans, Dhillon failed to mention that Trump is to blame for these ongoing defeats. In 2018, the House was taken over by Democrats as a result of his unpopularity. He then lost the 2020 presidential election, and by convincing Georgians that the election was stolen, he successfully sabotaged two Senate runoffs there in January 2021. That also gave Democrats control of the Senate.


Prior to the 2022 midterm elections, Trump insisted that GOP candidates propagate his election lies or face his wrath, which resulted in candidates who received their nominations but lost in the final election. Republicans suffered defeats in numerous governorships, several close House races, including one in a very pro-Trump district in Washington state, and five of seven close Senate contests featuring “Trump” candidates.

Trump also kept the $85 million he raised from small-donor campaigns for himself, despite the fact that GOP candidates were severely short on funding in comparison to their Democratic rivals.

The Department of Justice and Georgian state prosecutors are looking into possible criminal charges against Trump, who keeps lying about the results of the 2020 election, for his attempts to overthrow the government on January 6, 2021, as well as his other actions before that day. In addition, he is being investigated by the DOJ for stealing top-secret papers from the White House and storing them at his Mar-a-Lago social club in Florida despite a subpoena for him to hand them over.

In spite of this, he is seeking reelection as president and continues to enjoy the support of a large proportion of the Republican primary voting base.

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