Cigarettes Are Slowly Ending Your Life

Cigarettes Are Slowly Ending Your Life – Here’s How to Stop

Smoking can be one of the quickest ways to damage your overall health. The World Health Organization states that smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths around the world, killing…

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According to ex-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's new book, Trump suggested shooting racial justice protesters in the legs.

According to Ex-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper’s New Book, Trump Suggested Shooting Racial Justice Protesters in The Legs

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says in a new biography that former President Trump urged murdering racial justice demonstrators just days after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis Police…

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Three petitions filed by GOP governor candidates in Michigan have been challenged by Democrats.

Three Petitions Filed by GOP Governor Candidates in Michigan Have Been Challenged by Democrats.

The Michigan Democratic Party filed a petition challenge against three leading Republican gubernatorial contenders on Wednesday, alleging fraudulent signatures and other concerns that might prevent them from qualifying for the…

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JonBenet’s dad creates petition asking Polis to change who handles case

Governor Says State Will Review Petition to Transfer Jon Benet Ramsey Case Away from Boulder PD

The family of Jon Benet Ramsey has signed a petition asking Gov. Jared Polis to take further steps to help solve the case, which has been unsolved for almost 25…

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High Court dismisses petition by Palestinians cut off from land by security barrier

The High Court Has Dismissed a Suit Filed by Palestinians Who Have Been Blocked Off from Their Land by A Security Barrier.

The High Court of Justice has dismissed a petition requesting for the security barrier to be dismantled and parts of it moved westward to prevent Palestinian farmers from being blocked…

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habeas corpus petition

Decoding Habeas Corpus, the Petition that Permitted Yechury and A Jamia Student to Visit J&K

A habeas corpus petition is based on the fact that it is time-sensitive. It’s filed under Article 32, which is only used when basic rights are in jeopardy. The Supreme…

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chaz stevens petition

Following the State’s Efforts to Remove Books, a Florida Man Has Asked Schools to Prohibit the Bible

Florida’s decision to reject 54 math textbooks due to “prohibited subjects” convinced Chaz Stevens that it was time to pursue the Bible. Stevens, a 57-year-old tech whiz with a history…

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Is American Democracy Built to Last?

Is American Democracy Built to Last?

Yascha Mounk’s recent book, The Durability of Western Cultures, calls into question long-held ideas regarding the stability of Western societies ‘Yascha Mounk never expected an apparently benign comment to spark…

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The political environment is terrible for Democrats -- and it may get worse

Democrats Are in A Bad Political Situation, and It’s Just Going to Get Worse

Joe Biden’s term has become a running joke, even among President Obama’s advisers. At the White House Correspondents’ Association annual gala dinner on Saturday night, Biden may have been a…

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Biden Roasts Trump, GOP, Himself at Correspondents' Dinner

Biden Roasts Trump, GOP, Himself at Correspondents’ Dinner!!

The annual banquet of the White House press corps took place Saturday night, with a roasting of Washington, the journalists who cover it, and the guy in charge: President Joe…

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