‘Bachelorette’ Alum Evan Bass Reveals What Led to His Divorce from Carly Waddell

Evan Bass, a former contestant on The Bachelorette, is speaking out about what went wrong in his marriage to Carly Waddell. For the first time since their divorce, Bass discussed the reasons for their breakup in a new edition of Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, which will air on Thursday.

Bass told Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo of Bachelor Nation that his time on Bachelor in Paradise, where he met his now ex-wife, “changed my life and it created this fantastic bubble where I was able to connect with Carly, and I think it’s lovely what it can accomplish.” “I believe we were unable to lay a solid basis when we emerged from it. Paradise provides you with a very solid foundation because there isn’t anything going on, am I right? Just focus on improving your connection.”

Although they built a foundation for their relationship while they were on BIP, Bass claimed that once they departed the show, the relationship started to fall apart.

He went on, “And you discuss real-life topics, which I found to be really authentic. I believe that the adjustment you make when you leave is what we most likely missed. such as discussing values through communication and simply conversing. learning how to navigate through life. There was simply a lot to sort through because I had other kids who aren’t with Carly.”

In the end, though, Bass, who has three elder sons from a previous marriage in addition to three younger sons from Bella, Charlie, and Waddell, revealed that he and the Bachelor alum didn’t lay the proper groundwork for their marriage to endure on the outside.

Bass argued, “I just don’t think we laid the groundwork in the manner that we should have.

After getting married in 2017 after meeting on a reality TV dating show, the couple declared it quits in December 2020.

In a joint statement to People at the time, they stated, “We have made the tough decision to separate.” “As we put the future of our family first, we will always treasure our time together and have the highest regard for one another. Please respect our family’s privacy as we work through this. We sincerely appreciate all of the love and support we have received.”

While Waddell addressed the issue in a video on her YouTube channel in January 2021, Bass’ statement represents the first time he has spoken publicly about what caused their breakup.

“The day after Thanksgiving, we parted ways. We have been receiving counseling for a long time “She revealed. “”We tried,” You know, we tried for a very long time to make it work. We visited a therapist.”

“We gave the kids a lot more attention than we gave ourselves. And ultimately, I believe that was our worst mistake—that the kids sort of ascended to the top of the pyramid while we never put ourselves there “Waddell went on. “You collapse if you don’t build yourself a foundation. Just been incredibly difficult the past two years. We have been working diligently to solve the puzzle.”

Waddell continued by asserting that Bass made the decision to end their relationship.

Because I am just a person who would never be out, she added, “I always told him that if he wanted out then it was his call.” “How will you proceed? If someone isn’t interested in being with you, they aren’t interested in being with you.”

The couple separated up after failing to find a home in 2020, according to Waddell.


“In 2020, we really made three offers on homes, but sadly, none of them were accepted. The previous one failed because the basement had such a terrible foundation issue. That occurred about October “She remembered. “Then I discovered this home, which Evan advised me to purchase. Then he admitted to me that he didn’t want to reside there. then, here we are. The year has begun.”

In the video, Waddell talked about her split and showed off the upstairs of her new house, including the room she now refers to as “the divorce room.”

She sages the room and said, “We’re in the divorce room, and I’m trying to establish new memories here because it’s 2021.” “Because Evan told me he wanted a divorce in this space, I refer to it as the divorce room. He was seated just behind me. I’m going to sage this space so that I don’t sense that energy every time I enter.”

Waddell claimed she was determined to maintain her optimistic attitude despite previously admitting that she is “extremely sad” and “not OK.”

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