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When is The Batman coming to HBO Max: Batman HBO Max release date

We can expect to see The Batman at home in late April, thanks to an apparent technical issue, according to Riddler-level data. The dates were published (and screen-capted) by Deadline before they were withdrawn on the HBO website, and the trade claims the news that the DC hit will premiere on HBO Max on Tuesday, April 19 and HBO service providers on Saturday, April 23 is “legit.”

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The Batman is following the 2022 deal, which stipulates that Warner Bros. titles will be available for home video consumption 45 days after their theatrical release, as opposed to last year’s day-and-date distribution schedule. With all of the anticipation around the film, this seemingly unintentional reveal has just contributed to the excitement for the franchise’s future since its release. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t the Riddler’s work on the (still-active) viral website seen in the film’s closing credits. Fans have been able to play along with the movie’s riddles to reveal Easter eggs such as close-ups of mysterious pictures and the Thomas Wayne campaign video.

It would have been fantastic if it had all been included. Consider what would have happened if the studio had eliminated the Arkham cut sequence, which director Matt Reeves said was cut from the final version. (Really, all we want is to see more of Barry Keoghan’s interpretation of the mystery “prisoner.”) However, the release date snafu appears to be unrelated and the result of a technological issue.

The Penguin, a spin-off series starring Colin Farrell, was ordered to series by HBO Max last week. The show will follow Oswald Cobblepot as he rises through the ranks following the events of The Batman’s final act.

The Batman is now in cinemas, and according to Deadline, it’s on course to break the half-billion-dollar milestone in global box office by the weekend.

When is The Batman releasing on HBO Max?

In December, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar stated the Recode podcast, “The Batman is going to show up on day 46 on HBO Max.” That means The Batman will be released 46 days after its debut full day in theatres on March 4.

The Batman’s HBO Max release date has been verified by HBO after a malfunction on the streaming channel first made the date semi-official.

Of course, this is only applicable to individuals who live in a region where HBO Max is available. Those in the United Kingdom, for example, may have to wait a little longer to buy or rent it digitally or on Blu-Ray – possibly until June or July, if Spider-Man: No Way Home is any indication. However, new HBO Max territories, such as the Netherlands, should get The Batman next month.

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Unfortunately, watching The Batman on a streaming service other than HBO Max could take considerably longer. As soon as we have additional information, we will update this page.

Two additional Batman spin-offs are also planned to premiere on HBO Max. One is billed as a “Scarface” narrative and revolves around Colin Farrell’s Penguin. The other spin-off is a series that began as a GCPD spin-off but has since evolved into an Arkham-centric serial.

Analysis: HBO Max’s The Batman strategy beats Disney Plus’ Marvel movie releases

Although Warner Bros.’ 45-day pre-streaming theatrical exclusivity time isn’t particularly unique, I’m pleased to see how the studio is using it to steer them. Because Disney isn’t one of them.Subscribers to Disney Plus had to wait far longer for Shang-Chi (70 days) and Eternals (68 days), and — speaking as someone who followed the rumours surrounding those release dates and tried to guess when they’d come out — we had to wait much longer.

That’s in stark contrast to Kilar’s handling of The Batman, who released the HBO Max date in December (months before the movie debuted).

This could be because Disney executives believe they can act from a position of strength, providing information anytime they want, whereas HBO Max may not be in control of the streaming war. However, HBO Max is our choice for the greatest streaming service (albeit we did scream when the server collapsed during the premiere of Euphoria season 2 episode 8).

People who wish to view all of the old Batman movies in order may want more than HBO Max. For some reason, older Bat-movies have been relocated to Hulu. This is one occasion when we applaud Disney executives for refusing to let any Marvel films leave Disney Plus (though Spider-Man: No Way Home and the rest of the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies are taking forever to get there).


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