Ben Platt and Noah Galvin, stars of Dear Evan Hansen, got engaged!

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin,

Pitch Perfect’s Benji, played by Ben Platt, is getting married! He proposed to Noah Galvin, his two-year partner, over the weekend. Ben captioned his Instagram snap, “He agreed to hang out forever,” after Noah and he had agreed to hang out forever.

“I said yee-haw and then cried for like 7 hours,” Noah wrote. They received congratulations in the comments from some of their well-known pals, including Ariana Grande, Kiernan Shipka, and Elizabeth Banks. They were longtime friends before they started dating in 2020.

When did Noah Galvin and Ben Platt begin dating?

For playing the lead in the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, Platt received a Tony Award. He and Galvin, who succeeded him in the position, announced their relationship in May 2020. When Platt appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show in June 2021, he said that he had been dating Galvin for a year and a half.


We had been pals for five years when, just before the epidemic, he told People, “we finally decided to give it a real shot.” For a while, “we kind of skated around it.” Platt revealed that he had known Galvin for “three or four years” prior to him taking over as Evan Hansen in an interview with The New York Times in October. It’s not true that Dear Evan Hansen is how we met, he said.

How did Noah Galvin and Ben Platt first connect?

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin,

People claim that they met when Galvin replaced Platt in the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen. The initial Platt replacement was Galvin. Since then, Platt has appeared in The Politician, The People We Hate at the Wedding, and the film adaptation of the Pasek and Paul musical in the same role. Additionally, at New York City Center’s gala performance of Jason Robert Brown’s Parade, he made a comeback to the stage. Galvin appeared in The Real O’Neals before Booksmart, The Other Two, and The Good Doctor. Galvin portrayed Ogie in Waitress on Broadway after appearing in Dear Evan Hansen on stage. In collaboration with Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman, Galvin and Platt wrote the screenplay for the upcoming film Theatre Camp. Galvin and Platt will both appear in the film.

What are Noah Galvin and Ben Platt Up to These Days?

Galvin portrayed Asher Wolke on The Good Doctor at the moment and was the star of the ABC comedy The Real O’Neals. In contrast, Platt starred in the comedy-drama The Politician on Netflix and made cameos on Will & Grace and The Premise. He co-stars in the comedy The People We Hate at the Wedding with Kristen Bell, Allison Janney, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson, which debuted on Prime Video on November 18.


Let’s Look at Ben Platt’s Real Self, shall we?

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin,

American actor, musician, and vocalist Benjamin Schiff Platt also writes songs. He began performing in musical theatre as a young boy. He appeared in The Book of Mormon and The Sound of Music productions. He rose to fame by taking on the lead role in the coming-of-age musical Dear Evan Hansen, which was performed on Broadway.

Platt was a Los Angeles native. He was the fourth of the five children born to Julie (Beren) and Marc Platt. His father is a theatre, TV, and film producer. He has contributed to a number of films and television programmes, including Mary Poppins Returns, Into the Woods, La La Land, and the musical Wicked. Both his sisters and brothers are female. His brother Jonah Platt is an actor. He is Jewish, as is his family.

View the biography of Noah Galvin.

Actor and singer Noah Egidi Galvin was born in the United States. He is most recognised for his performances as Dr. Asher Wolke in The Good Doctor and Kenny O’Neal in The Real O’Neals on ABC. Later, he portrayed the lead role in the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen.

Galvin was raised in and was born in Katonah, New York.

One of Galvin’s two siblings is Yoke Lore, a multi-instrumentalist. His mother, Abbie, is Jewish, and his father is Irish, Italian, and Catholic. He has stated that he is Jewish and that he was reared “both Jewish and Catholic,” attending CCD, Hebrew School, and church.

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