Best Sleep Tracker That You Should Go For

A few years ago it was impossible to imagine that technology would come so far enough to allow you to be able to monitor and track your sleep. But here we are. Technology has introduced a number of devices that everyone is using nowadays. Along with tracking sleep, these devices measure and evaluate data such as heart rate, respiration, snoring, awake time, etc. These devices are known as sleep trackers that rely on sensors to detect these physical signs, such as heart rate, body movement, etc. All sleep trackers collect such data and run it through an algorithm to present desired results.

There are two types of sleep trackers that you can use; wearable and non-wearable. As the name suggests, wearables are the sleep tracker devices that can be worn. For instance, fitness trackers and smartwatches like Apples Watches, Fitbits, Garmins, etc. can track sleep. These wearables are worn on the wrist and most common devices for tracking sleep. Other wearables include sleep track rings such as Oura Ring, etc., or Muse S, Kokoon Nightbuds, etc. that can be worn on the head for sleep tracking. Moreover, non-wearable sleep trackers refer to smartphone apps, smart mattresses, bedside monitors, etc. Examples include Google Nest Hub, Withings Sleep, etc. Hence, people who are comfortable using wearables to bed have wearable sleep trackers, while others are not comfortable with them. Instead, they prefer non-wearables that can help track their sleep.

There is one thing that all these sleep trackers have in common: they can connect to the internet wirelessly to transmit the collected information. For instance, with Xfinity’s seamless internet connectivity, your sleep tracker uploads data at a much faster and more consistent speed. Want to learn more? Reach out to Xfinity customer service at Ensure that your internet connection is up and working so that the sleep tracker can transmit data without any delay or interruption.

Wearable Sleep Trackers

Most people are familiar with wearable sleep trackers and this category of sleep tracker contains multiple options for people who like variety. For instance, some people don’t prefer wearing watches to sleep, so instead, they can opt for rings or headbands to track their sleep.

If you prefer a dedicated sleep tracker that provides detailed information, then you should consider Oura Ring or Whoop 4.0. Or your preference might include going for a sleep tracker that also multitasks like tracks your workout, takes phone calls, and delivers notifications, then you should go for smartwatches or fitness trackers since they are designed for such activities. Again, running multiple online apps simultaneously would require a seamless internet connection such as the one available to Xfinity internet users.

Other smartwatches or fitness trackers can only track sleep to some capacity. If you consider the Apple Watch, which lets you measure how long you slept, it doesn’t really have information about the sleep stages you experienced throughout the night. With Fitbit, you can see the sleep stages, sleeping habits, and their comparison to the average sleeping habits, and also receive sleep scores. Moreover, Fitbit has five to seven days of battery life, which is a lot more as compared to what you get with the Apple Watch.

Non-Wearable Sleep Trackers

Smartphone apps are one example of the non-wearable sleep trackers that can be downloaded to your smartphones. These apps generally monitor your movement during sleep and the sound that you make (snoring, coughing, etc.) and evaluate the quality of your sleep from this information. Other apps include alarm capabilities, sleep insights, etc. However, with the sleep tracker apps, there is one thing to keep in mind; you need to start the sleep session as soon as you are about to sleep and stop the session when you wake up. Examples include Sleep Score, Sleep Cycle, PrimeNap (for Android), Pillow (iOS), etc.

Other non-wearable sleep trackers include mattress mats, that have sensors that you need to slip under or over your mattress. Withings Sleep is a mattress mat that can measure your breathing rate, heart rate, and movement. Beautyrest Sleep Tracker, Eight Pro Cover, and Temper-Pedic Sleep Tracker are other examples of mattress mats that can track your sleep.

Wrapping Up

Sleep Trackers are the best source of information if you are interested in learning about what your body goes through while you are asleep. Hope this article helped provide information about which sleep tracker is the best one for you.

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