Bjorn Borg Net Worth 2023: How Did He Make His Money?

Bjorn Borg Net Worth

This page has information about Bjorn Borg’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, and many other things. Bjorn Borg is a former world No. 1 tennis player from Sweden. He has a net worth of about $85 Million. Some people call him the king of Wimbledon, but he calls Roger Federer the king of Wimbledon. Both of them have a lot of respect for each other as tennis players.

Bjorn Borg was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 16, 1956. He is known for using a wooden racket to play. He is also known for winning 11 Grand Slams during his tennis career. He is best known for winning the Wimbledon championship five times in a row. Roger Federer beat him and set a new record. Check out how much Anna Kournikova and Pete Sampras are worth, too.

Bjorn Borg: Net Worth 2023

Celebritynetworth says that Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg’s net worth as of 2023 is $80 million. Bjorn Borg is the only person to win 11 singles Grand Slam titles. He won six times at the French Open, and he won five straight times at Wimbledon.

Bjorn Borg’s personal life

Bjorn Borg's personal life

In 1976, Borg began dating Mariana Simionescu, a professional tennis player from Romania. They were married in Bucharest, Romania, on July 24, 1980. Before they broke up in 1984, they had been married for four years. In 1985, he and the Swedish model Jannike Bjorling had a son. Robin was his name.


Later, he started dating Italian singer Loredana Bertè, and in 1989, the two of them got married. After that, in 1993, they broke up. In June of 2002, Patricia Ostfeld became Borg’s third wife. They had a boy named Leo in 2003. After he stopped playing tennis, Borg started a clothing line called Bjorn Borg, which did well in Sweden.

Other Support for Bjorn Borg

Borg was one of the first players who really tried to get as many endorsements as he could. At first, some people were against this because it made them look like walking ads.

Things he sold had nothing to do with tennis. Borg had done business with Tuborg (a Danish brewery). They’d write their names right on his headband. He has also done business with Saab cars and Nutriment supplements, among other things.

Bjorn Borg Real Estate

In the 1980s, Bjorn was proud to own an oceanfront estate in Sands Point, New York.

Bjorn has spent most of the last few decades dividing his time between a penthouse apartment in Monaco and a huge waterfront estate in Varmdo, Sweden.


Bjorn Borg Net Worth

In 1974, at the New Zealand Open, he won his first professional singles match. Soon after, he won matches in London and San Paulo.

In June 1974, when he was 16, he won the Italian Open. Two weeks later, he won the French Open, which was his first major singles win.

After winning his first Grand Slam in 1974, he defended his French Open title by beating Guillermo Vilas in straight sets the next year.

In the same year, Borg won two singles matches and one doubles match in the Davis Cup final, helping Sweden beat Czechoslovakia.


This was the start of Borg’s 33-match winning streak in singles Davis Cup matches, which lasted the rest of his professional career. His career kept going well, and he won the Wimbledon tournament in 1976 and 1977. He also won the world championship tennis match.

In 1981, Borg won his last Grand Slam title at the French Open. Only Rafael Nadal has a better record than Borg at the French Open.

He did, however, lose to McEnroe at Wimbledon that same year, and he lost interest in playing the sport after that.

In 1982, Borg only played in one tournament, the Monte Carlo, where he lost to Yannick Noah.

At the age of 26, Borg made an official announcement that he was retiring. This shocked the tennis world, and John McEnroe begged him to keep playing.

Borg, on the other hand, was not convinced, even though he tried and mostly failed to return to competition from 1991 to 1993.

Bjorn is one of the best players on grass, clay, and indoor courts, just like Andy Murray, Andre Agassi, Ivan Lendl, and Jim Courier.

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