Black Summer Season 3 Release Date: What We Know So Far!

The last we heard, Anna and Rose had lost their last chance of survival. So, what can we expect from Season 3? Many fans have been waiting for an explanation since June 2021, when the last part of the zombie apocalypse series, Black Summer season 2, gave us a terrible and heart-pounding surprise.

Black Summer is a Netflix spinoff of Syfy’s zombie apocalypse series Z Nation, which aired on the network for five seasons between 2014 and 2018. The show follows a group of strangers who must join together to escape a zombie apocalypse in the United States.

Season 3 of Netflix’s zombie apocalypse series Black Summer has yet to be announced, but we’ve compiled all we know about the upcoming third season in this comprehensive report.

When will Black Summer Season 3 be released?

Netflix has yet to order more episodes of “Black Summer,” but considering where the show ends Season 2, the show’s creators appear to be optimistic about the show’s chances of being renewed. Because Season 2 only premiered in June, it’s probable that Netflix will wait for additional statistics on viewing before determining whether or not to bring the show back.

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If Netflix decides to extend the show for a second season, the announcement may come as early as this summer. Once that information is released, it’s feasible that the show will be renewed for a second season as soon as next year. However, because the interval between the first two seasons was more than a year, the third season may have a lengthier gap. Whatever the case may be, fresh episodes of “Black Summer” are unlikely to air before the summer of 2022.

Who is in the Black Summer Season 3 cast?

Despite the fact that no official cast list for Season 3 has been released, many of the actors who starred in Season 2 are expected to return for the third season. Rose (Jamie King) and Anna (Zoe Marlett), Rose’s daughter, may return for a third season of the hit television series. Sun, a North Korean figure whose story eventually connects with Rose and Anna’s, is also played by Christine Lee. In addition to the main characters, Justin Chu Cary, Kelsey Flower, Sal Velez Jr., Erika Hau, and Bobby Naderi round out the cast.

It is presently uncertain which cast members will return for the show’s third season. “Black Summer” has a high rate of cast turnover, as is common of many zombie shows, as people get slaughtered off in the middle of the disaster that surrounds them. In fact, there is a chance that the cast will change dramatically in the third season, but this is far from clear at this time.

3rd season of Black Summer storyline

King told, “I have a few ideas.” “I’m looking forward to reopening the writer’s room.” This is the kind of show that could go on for a long time, but I believe it would be extremely effective if it could be done in three seasons.

“What do you do when all the commodities are gone?” “I’m looking into that.”

“Hypothetically speaking, I would centre it on different chapters, where we are examining sort of three core personalities in different locales,” she told about where it may go next. But those are just sketches, I guess.”

In the season two conclusion of Black Summer, Sun was the only one who made it to the plane. Fortunately, the Korean-speaking pilot appears to be pleasant, but where are they going? Will they be safe when they finally land? Sun’s popularity among fans suggests that her story will be extended further in season three.


Rose and Anna are the only ones left. They never made it to the plane, and we have no idea if they’re still alive. Anna returned to see her mother, who had been left injured on the ground, but she ended up snatching a car. Is she going to drive the car away without Rose?

The season two conclusion purposefully leaves things open-ended, which may convince Netflix to revive the show if there is significant fan demand. Or is there another strategy in the works? Given that Black Summer isn’t excessively invested in its characters outside of Rose, Anna, and Sun, it’s very feasible that season three may start again with a completely new cast, à la American Horror Story.

When will the official trailer for Black Summer Season

First and foremost, a formal renewal is required. Before Netflix can release a trailer for the upcoming season, the series will go through production and editing. It’s feasible that the whole thing will take more than a year. We’ll keep an eye on the newest developments and make any necessary updates to this site. You may come back to this page at any time. For now, let’s just enjoy the season 2 trailer.

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