Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 airs on May 6, 2022. The majority of fans have been eagerly anticipating the release date, time, cast, and other facts about Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20. On this page, we’ve updated all of the details for Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20.

Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 Release Date

On the 6th of May 2022, Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 will air.

Blue Bloods is currently one of the most popular shows on television, with new episodes airing every week. The fascinating plot of Blue Bloods can be credited as one of the key reasons for the show’s success, prompting fans to seek out Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 (as mentioned above).

Season 12 Episode 20 of Blue Bloods is now available on OTT

As they open the way for over-the-top release of series and movies, online platforms have become some of the most popular places to view TV shows. These numerous online platforms, which make it easier for binge watchers to watch series with no effort, have also contributed to a growth in the number of people watching them. In fact, you may watch Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 20 online.

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Season 12 of Blue Bloods: How Many Episodes Will There Be?

“Blue Bloods” is in its 12th season on CBS, and the network has yet to announce if it will be renewed for a 13th. The Reagan family, who hold various roles in the New York law enforcement establishment, are the focus of the police drama. Donnie Wahlberg plays Frank Reagan’s son Danny, an NYPD detective, and Tom Selleck plays him. Frank’s daughter, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), works as an assistant district attorney, while his other son, Jamie (Will Estes), works as a police officer.

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With Frank facing Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh), a gang putting out a hit on Danny, and stress in Jamie’s marriage, Season 12 has been a busy one for the Reagans. This season’s ratings have been mixed, but generally negative, with an average of 8.0 from IMDb reviewers.

Eight of the first nine seasons of “Blue Bloods” featured 22 episodes (with one extra episode in Season 3), but COVID-related production troubles reduced Season 10 to 19 episodes and Season 11 to only 16.

Although Wahlberg just announced on Instagram that Season 12 filming has ended, it was unknown how many more episodes were on the way until CBS made an announcement.

After 20 episodes, Blue Bloods Season 12 will wrap up

Viacom revealed the season finale dates for CBS’ current schedule in a recent press release, with the “Blue Bloods” Season 12 finale airing on Friday, May 6 at 10:00–11:00 p.m. in its regular time slot. The episode will be the season’s 20th and has yet to be named.

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The show will take a two-week hiatus after tomorrow’s Episode 17, “Long Lost,” before returning on April 29 with the penultimate episode, “Tangled Up in Blue.” As usual, “Blue Bloods” has a number of stories to wrap up as the season progresses, including the assassination of Detective Angela Reddick (Ilfenesh Hadera) and Frank’s dispute with Mayor Chase.

While CBS has yet to confirm if “Blue Bloods” will return in the fall, we do know that we can expect at least a few more Reagan family dinners this spring. With numbers slowly declining in recent seasons, it’s possible we’ve seen the last of the programme, but with a willing cast and a dedicated (though dwindling) following, CBS may see fit to renew it for at least one more season (via The Hollywood Reporter).

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