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Brad Pitt Says He Spent Years With ‘Low-Grade Depression’

Brad Pitt is living fully. In a recent interview with GQ, the 58-year-old actor is candid about everything from recently giving up smoking to learning things about himself over the years, including how he feels he “spent years with a low-grade depression.”

Pitt admits, “I always felt pretty alone in my life.

It was really only recently that I felt a stronger embrace from my friends and family. “I was alone growing up as a youngster, alone even out here. Believe it or not, it was either Rilke or Einstein who said something to the effect of maturity and progress come about when one can walk with paradox and carry both genuine sorrow and genuine joy at the same time.

Pitt continues by listing some of his favorite things and explaining how these feelings of joy only lately began to occur.

He says, “I get so much joy from music.” “I believe that joy has just recently been discovered. I seemed to be drifting along with the currents from one thing to the next. I believe I struggled with low-grade depression for a number of years, and it wasn’t until I accepted that and tried to embrace both the good and the bad elements of who I am that I have been able to experience those moments of bliss.

Pitt also says earlier in the interview that it took him some time to discover his true self. He tells the magazine, “Out here in California, there’s a lot of discussion about ‘being your real self. What does ‘genuine’ mean would trouble me. It was [for me] coming to terms with the profound scars we all have.


Pitt is intent on writing a significant next chapter to his life after all this self-discovery. He says, “I consider myself on my final leg,” adding that he’s really considering how he wants to spend it. “This previous trimester or semester. What will be covered in this section? How would I like to design that?

Pitt also made a significant difference to his health by giving up smoking. He continues, “I don’t have that ability to accomplish just one or two a day. It’s not in my cosmetics. I’m all in. I’ll then drive into the ground. My privileges are gone. The Bullet Train actor discusses how fortunate he felt to have such a solid support system during that time. He got clean after his ex, Angelina Jolie, filed for divorce in 2016 and spent more than a year in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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