Chamomile: The secret of this medicinal plant that does us so much good


Chamomile is one of the most well-known and consumed medicinal plants in the world. Many people prepare chamomile tea daily to treat digestive disorders or in the evening to sleep better.

But this medicinal plant can do even more for our health.

From now on, it will be necessary to rely on an anti-cancer property of chamomile. Indeed, American researchers from the Ohio State University (Ohio State University) have published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences an interesting study on the anticancer action of a substance contained in chamomile.

Chamomile contains a molecule, apigenin, which could prevent the progression of cancer cells. The study was carried out on an animal model. Scientists have observed that this substance could reduce the lifespan of cancer cells in the event of breast cancer, which blocks tumor spread.

In addition, apigenin increases sensitivity to anti-cancer treatments . Apigenin, sometimes called apigenol, belongs to flavones, a subclass of flavonoids. In addition to anticancer properties, apigenin exhibits anti-inflammatory action. This last action was already known to scientists.

Apigenin is found in high concentrations also in parsley and celery. Other vegetables also contain this substance.

An effect on DNA that blocks cancer cell replication

In detail, the researchers observed that apigenin takes away the “superpowers” ​​of cancer cells. We know that cancer is based on abnormal cell division. RNA (a molecule synthesized using DNA, to simplify) plays a fundamental role in the tumor process. Genetic errors in cell division are thought to be responsible for 80% of cancer cases. Apigenin intervenes precisely at the level of RNA and proteins involved in cell division. RNA is the genetic basis for protein synthesis. According to scientists, apigenin binds to about 93 proteins. Binding to certain proteins would be responsible for stopping or reducing tumor cell division.

You should know that most studies in cancer prevention are based on large-scale epidemiological studies. scale, without knowing the molecular or cellular cause of the anticancer action of the food. For example, in these studies, questions are asked about the eating habits of a certain population, after cross-checking and statistical work, we can come to the conclusion that eating too much red meat increases the risk of cancer. But we often ignore why and how the food acts in the prevention of cancers.

In this study on the contrary, the researchers succeeded in proving at the cellular level the effect of apigenin on tumors. It is therefore a very promising study which brings an interesting element to the complex fight against cancer.

Chamomile tea is an excellent natural food, we could even speak of a nutraceutical (combination of food and drug), in the prevention of cancer. To consume every day, because it improves sleep, digestion and has an interesting anti-inflammatory action.

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chamomile medicinal plant

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