Cigarettes Are Slowly Ending Your Life – Here’s How to Stop

Cigarettes Are Slowly Ending Your Life

Smoking can be one of the quickest ways to damage your overall health. The World Health Organization states that smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths around the world, killing approximately 8 million people a year. Among this number, approximately 1.2 million are non-smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Smoking is known to cause lasting complications to your health, damaging your lungs, immune system, and even your mental health. This makes you more susceptible to serious diseases, most notably cancer.

How Cigarettes Are Harming You

Weakening your immune system

Cigarettes can impact your blood circulation and oxygen flow by damaging your blood vessels. This can lead to a decrease in oxygen in the blood, which impacts the body’s capacity to heal from wounds. As a result, you are left more vulnerable to a wide variety of immune and autoimmune disorders. These include illnesses as common as colds and the flu, to more serious conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Increasing Likelihood of Cancer

Cigarettes are notorious for heightening the risk of cancer in almost anywhere in the body, such as the throat, liver, stomach, breasts, and other areas. This is because, with a weakened immune system, your body loses its ability to fight cancer cells.

In addition, chemicals in cigarette smoke make you particularly susceptible to lung cancer, as they can damage airways and the small air sacs in your lungs. Cigarettes can also compound with other environmental factors listed in our article ‘These 4 Factors That Cause Lung Cancer Apart From Cigarettes’, causing lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Damaging Your Mental Health

A smoking habit tends to be more common in people suffering from mental health issues. However, a study from the University of Bristol found that smoking can also contribute to these issues. Their studies have found that smokers had more than twice the odds of developing schizophrenia and depression. Depression in particular has been linked to many chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma, and other cardiovascular diseases. Schizophrenia, on the other hand, is linked with higher risks of respiratory and heart diseases.

How to Stop Smoking

Fortunately, there are proven and accessible ways for you to stop your smoking habits. One of the best ways to stop smoking is through nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This includes nicotine products ranging from gums to patches. Their goal is to gradually lower the levels of your nicotine intake. The Rogue nicotine pouches from Prilla, for instance, are sold in 6mg and 3mg varieties. This allows you to transition to lower doses at a sustainable pace.

Other products, like the Kind Consumer’s Voke nicotine inhaler, have the added benefit of mimicking the hand-to-mouth action of smoking to induce greater comfort and familiarity to its user. The effectiveness of nicotine replacements has resulted in the introduction of more smoking cessation products, which are fortunately expanding the market to be even more accessible to those quitting cigarettes.

Beyond NRT, behavioral support has also been shown to increase the likelihood of success when it comes to smoking cessation. This can come in the form of advice and counseling, as well as toll-free quit lines and mobile text-messaging programs. This is because studies have shown that seeking social support and behavioral interventions is indicative of a more serious commitment to quitting.

Smoking can be largely detrimental not only to your health but also to the health of those around you. Fortunately, there are many forms of smoking cessation that can help you quit. By maximizing these methods, you are better able to abate the serious health issues that cigarettes can trigger in your body.

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