All in the family: Dr. Lee’s practice adds new general practitioner

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By Rachel Christian

Dr. Lee’s private practice in Mount Vernon unveiled a new wing of its facility last week that will accommodate an additional general practitioner with strong family ties to the operation.


Less than two weeks after wrapping up her residency with Deaconess in Evansville, Kathryn Lee-Kalsch joined her brother and father at the Fourth St. office.

Work on the facility add-on began in the fall, and includes three new examination rooms, a nurse’s station and Lee-Kalsch’s office. The doctor said she is excited to begin her post-residency medical career with her family by her side.

“We all have different personalities and styles,” Lee-Kalsch said. “It will be great to grow in a place like this while having the chance to bounce around ideas and ask my dad and brother questions I may have along the way.”

It has been a busy and eventful year for the young medical professional. In the last five months, Lee-Kalsch not only completed her residency and joined the practice, she also married her husband, and the couple has since purchased their first home together and adopted a puppy named Obi.

2017 has been very active for Lee-Kalsch, but the 2006 Mount Vernon High School graduate said she is eager to embark on the next chapter of her life in her hometown.

“As I was completing medical school in Indianapolis, I knew the big city life wasn’t really for me,” she said. “I’m very close with my relatives, so this felt like the next natural step.”

Growing up, Lee-Kalsch said she always knew she wanted to help people or animals. She and her brother grew up around their father’s medical practice, enabling them to see him practice his craft firsthand. Lee-Kalsch remembered her father’s ironic advice to pursue any career besides becoming a doctor, due to challenges small private practices face in modern markets.

“I initially thought I wanted to become a veterinarian,” Lee-Kalsch explained. “But I realized I really enjoyed talking to people and helping them solve their problems to the best of my abilities.”

After completing her undergraduate degree from Indiana University, Lee-Kalsch said she chose to study general medicine because she enjoys the versatility and variety it offers. As a general practitioner, Lee-Kalsch can see and treat both male and female patients of all ages.

“Being a family doctor allows you to really learn about your patient, and see them progress throughout their life,” she said. “That’s something that really appeals to me – the chance to form that long-lasting bond.”

In her spare time, the doctor said she enjoys cooking, Harry Potter and spending time with her husband and Obi.

Lee-Kalsch is still accepting new patients as she settles into her wing of the Lee facility. For more information, call the office at 812-838-4891.