Bicycling Blog - In Season

7/27/11 — I haven't written a Blog for awhile. During the winter months when the days were short and cold I spent a lot of time thinking and writing about cycling. I had several Blogs “in the can” but some computer issues resulted in those Blogs being lost and made writing new ones difficult.

By the time my computer issues were resolved the cycling season was in full swing so I've been spending as much time as possible riding my bike and haven't been finding time to write about it. I've had plenty of company out on the road this season because of the various groups I ride with.

If you are thinking of riding a bike but would like someone to ride with I recommend you contact one of these groups. There is the Evansville Bike Club that hosts regular rides for riders of all abilities. There is also a loosely organized group called Tour D'Eville that hosts weekly rides from area taverns, some of which are in Posey County. For you early risers there is a group of riders that sets out from USI every Saturday morning at 6 am. And some of the area bike shops also host weekly rides.

If you would like to contact any of these groups just let me know in the comment section below. Fall has the ideal weather for cycling with cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels. In our area and are plenty of club or charity rides to chose from. The closest ride to us and one that also uses some Posey County roads in the Great Pumpkin Metric which is the first Sunday in October ans is hosted by the Evansville Bike Club.

The GPM offers supported rides of several different distances so all levels of cyclists can participate. Also comment below if you would like some information about some of the other upcoming rides in our area. Currently I am preparing for the end of the Road Racing season and looking forward to the great fall rides that will follow. I hope you are out enjoying your bike this season as well.