Concert turnout could have included more local faces

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I would like to express on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #1717 for the attendance at the Tim Dugger, Nashville Country Concert Aug. 31, at the riverfront, on Water Street.
All that  showed up at a great time and really enjoyed Tim Dugger and his band. However I am very disappointed that more of of own community of Mount Vernon did not appear, as well as city and county officials and employees. However we did have some officials show up to enjoy the festivities of this concert.
We did this for the FOE and the city to help bring in something for the city to help build our city up.
The city has done all the park renovations and things to continue to make this city a memorable thing for people who come to visit our city and to have things to do when they do come into our city.
It took us several months to pull this all together with the help from Mount Vernon Business to bring this Nashville country western singer to town for entertainment to our city and end up with people from Illinois and Indiana and a turnout of 175 people.
Pretty embarrasing that our own city population could not have supported this better.
With this kind of behaviour of our own town, it will be hard for us to ever be able to build our city into something that will leave memories in peoples minds when they come to our city for anything for any kind of functions or festivities.
Last but not least our city population cannot sit back and complain of nothing to do when they do not even show up to support the city and its business's when they do something for the public to enjoy.
This concert was advertised thru the Mount Vernon Democrat, The Evansville Courier and Press, the Carmi radio station and WKDQ
Flyers were posted all over town businesses and supporters for this concert.
Thanks to all who attended and supported the concert, including the following:
Richard and Rhonda Bryant, Eagles members, Steve Ricketts, Jeff and Kathy Bayard, Jerry Herron, Team Cameron BBQ Smokers on the Ohio (Roy and Candace, Cameron and Stan, Joyce Hack), Gottman Metal Works, Dan's Competition, TMI, J&J Welding, Mount Vernon Outfitters, Keith Bradley and Bradley Trucking, Guilty Pleasures, Magic Mist Car Wash, Mount Vernon Flower Shop, Larry Williams and McKim's IGA, Goody's, Shearz Salon, Green Duck Salon, Keith and Robin Oeth and Sunsations, Mike and Mitch Barker at Solar Escape, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Dominoes, bartenders, workers, the City of Mount Vernon and family and friends who worked and helped put the concert on.
Joyce Hack
Mount Vernon