Congratulations on successful River Days

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I want to congratulate and thank Larry Williams and all of the members of the River Days committee and sub-committees for an absolutely fantastic festival. The amount of time and energy that they put into River Days was very apparent and made for a great time for everyone.   The pride of our Mt. Vernon Community was alive and well this past weekend and totally evident at River Days.  The event was well organized, represented many Posey County businesses and not-for-profit organizations, as well as organizations from other communities. There was a wonderful variety of arts and crafts from which to choose.  The entertainment was fabulous and there was constant entertainment from musicians, competitions, parades, etc.  And then there was the food—what can you say with so many food choices from over 30 food vendors.  And the cleanliness of the whole event was awesome.  Between our residents being diligent about putting their trash in appropriate receptacles and the committee members overseeing clean-up and trash on a continual basis, the festival area looked neat and tidy.  And the Festival Guide was most helpful in finding your way around the booths.  The article on our Port of Indiana-Mt. Vernon was very informative and I loved there being a “spot light” on that sector of our area industry.   Larry and Committee members, give yourselves a pat on the back and accept your community’s appreciation for all of your work for another very successful River Days!

M. Michelle Hudson
Mount Vernon