Feel like a criminal on my own property

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I have lived and worked in Mount Vernon all my life. I pay my taxes and have never had any problem with the law. Now I am beginning to feel like a criminal. For what? Parking on the grass, in my own yard. According to the Area Planning Commission, I have repeatedly violated Section 153.024 [C][2] which states no vehicle shall be parked except on a hard surfaced area constructed of dust free all weather materials in any residential or office district. I’m told this means a compacted macadam base with surface treatment [seal coat]. Or asphaltic concrete surface, concrete or some comparable weather material. Really? This is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. Everyone has parked in the grass at some time or another. Even just for a few minutes. My yard, my grass, who am I hurting? Mount Vernon has bigger problems than people parking on grass, don’t you think?
Debra Rowe
Mount Vernon