Imagination Station continues to be plagued by misconduct

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I I’ve lived at 523 College Ave. in Mount Vernon for over 40 years and really enjoyed most home projects living in our 1896 Queen Anne. We, at first, had a normal residential situation with three older houses across from us, and living was pleasant for all in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, those houses were lost in the late 1970s to an expanding automobile dealership seeking added land to park damaged and otherwise disabled vehicles. It wasn’t a pretty sight and irritating to have in our altered neighborhood.
Fortunately, the agency moved to a new location, after a mysterious fire. As for the present use of the space, let me say for the first three years of the Imagination Station I saw and heard young kids, parents and grandparents involved in some fun activities over there. Well and good for the initial years. The place is now dominated by teens and older people who have broken every rule posted on the two signs. From the quiet, calm, peaceful atmosphere of yesteryear, the playground, gazebo, grounds and parking lot now give us loud, human utterings, non-musical thumps and profanities out of loud radios, skateboarding, scooters, motorbikes, bicycles, zipping here and there, all kind of litter, including used, disposable diapers, etc., although there are an ample number of trash cans. Also, there are various acts of vandalism, smoking, fighting and other assorted actions that shouldn’t be done where normal, responsible people congregate.
What’s to be done? The Parks and Recreation Department will, on occasion, handle the litter situation, and the police department will send and officer or two upon calling in. I’ve probably phoned in 50 times in the past dozen years. I’m certain the police people are tired of my calls, and I’m damned tired of doing it.
Have I confronted the people doing the objectionable things? Certainly, both day and night, when most of the area is closed. Individuals and groups I’ve spoken to have promised to not continue the rule-breaking but are often lying to me. In some words, I’ve been called an old fuddy-duddy, and I guess they are half right. I live here, and I want a descent neighborhood after paying my taxes. I don’t go off ruining someone else’s neighborhood. Please get out of mine.
Question for you — Was the Imagination Station built for young children or built to be a gathering place for teens and older people? Call me at 838-4725 and let me hear your opinion.

Ron Greenfield

Mount Vernon