Kudos to sheriff Greg Oeth

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Recently,WFIE News aired an expose titled "Locked-up & Loaded.” The purpose of the feature was to cast the Posey County Jail as a perpetrator of entitling inmates to benefits beyond what they are entitled to by law, at taxpayers’ expense.
Sheriff Oeth not only gave a detailed and honest account as to the health care provided to inmates in custody, he did not withhold information as to the costs of meeting the needs of inmates, nor did he duck the hard questions posed to him by the reporter. Sheriff Oeth was straight to the point and did not shrug off any inquiries or defer questions to the county council. His straight-forward approach deflated the shock value of the title and pretty much deflated the story.
Indeed, health costs are far from cheap for the average citizen. But should you make a mistake and find yourself in custody, the jail is responsible by law to maintain your health care. This is law, not just policy. Should the jailers neglect sick or prisoners withdrawing from narcotics addiction? Should the said inmates go into shock or die from neglect? The costs go up substantially to the county to cover lawsuits, insurance, and investigations that will result in dire consequences to the jail, the county, and the sheriff.
More than once, a potential defendant has been delayed arrest due to their health status because had they been arrested at the time a deputy would have to be posted 24 hours at their hospital room and the county would have to pay the entire bill regarding their care even upon their release from the hospital and incarceration in county jail. It could be much worse than the $56,000 (or more) bill the sheriff quoted for the hospital stay for an inmate required during the interview.
Thanks to Sheriff Oeth for representing Posey County as a realistic part of the State of Indiana. So sorry WFIE News-You'll have to look for gullible hicks elsewhere.
Try Marion County next time.

John Hufnagel
Mount Vernon