Mount Vernon to perform 'Frankenstein'

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By Corey Woolsey

It may be just after Halloween, but Mount Vernon High School students are about to bring the scares when they perform ‘Frankenstein’ this week.

Under the direction of Kevin Roach, students will be performing a version of the play by writer Victor Gialanella.

“This version of the play melds the story from the book with the excitement from the classic film version,” said Roach.

Roach, who performed in this same show last year, said that the show may not be for everybody.

“This show is a thrilling drama, and is legitimately scary at times,” said Roach. “It contains some thematic violence and may not be suitable for everyone.”

Performing in the play are Lane Blankenship playing Victor Frankenstein, Matthew Evinger playing The Creature, Patrick Gerton playing Henry Clerval, Kiara Jesch playing Elizabeth Lavenza, Alyssa Junker playing Justine Moritz, Joseph Julian playing Alphonse Frankenstein, Lillie Blankenship playing Metz, Quincy Irick playing Schmidt, Jackson Baldwin playing Lionel Mueller and Gabrielle Butler playing Fau Mueller.

Gerton said that one scene was his favorite to perform.

“There is a scene where Victor is with his monster, trying to create another, and I bust in screaming because he wasn’t at a friend’s wedding,” said Gerton. “I get to use the blank gun as the monster is trying to attack me and I get electrocuted.”

Blankenship said that he had to work on getting in character as Victor. He said that Victor isn’t a nice guy, and it was tough because he isn’t like that himself.

Evinger said that he did his research to play the Creature.

“I did a lot of research on the story from the book,” said Evinger. “I was mainly used to the Boris Karloff version. This version is really creepy, but really smart too.”

‘Frankenstein will be performed at the Mount Vernon High School Performing Arts Center, Nov. 19-21 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.