A New Yorker walks through Mount Vernon

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By Corey Woolsey

The American Discovery Trail stretches from Cape Heniopen State Park in Delaware to Pt. Reyes National Seashore in California and is over 6,800 miles long.

Brad Marro of New York is walking the trail, which took him through Mount Vernon recently.

During his time in Indiana, Marro not only visited Mount Vernon, but also Evansville and Angel Mounds in Warrick County.

In his time on the road, Marro makes about 20 miles a day and in that time, personal interaction can be limited.

When he gets to meet the people in the places he passes through, he enjoys that a lot.

The kindness of a lot of those people has helped him along the way and has also made the journey worthwhile.

But the American Discovery Trail is all about connections, whether is be people to people, community to community or urban areas to wilderness.

When he is not braving the raods and trails of America, Marro is an advertising producer in New York.

One of the main reasons Marro took to trekking across America was his time working in an urban environment.

He said he lost his connection to the rest of the world.

He began his trek in delaware in February 2017.

When he talks to people, Marro often films the interactions, in which he hopes to turn into a documentary in the future.

He hopes the documentary will show how people in the country are facing the same problems everywhere.

You can follow the rest of Marro’s journey or his time before Mount Vernon through his Facebook page, BradTreksAmerica or www.BradTreksAmerica.com.