Poseyville woman pens "It's Gonna Be a Great Day"

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By Amy Moore

When Poseyville-native Amy Stephens’s daughter began to dread elementary school, the mother of three looked for a book to help her daughter. And, when she couldn’t find such a book, she decided to write on herself. Within two days, Stephens had penned “It’s Gonna Be a Great Day.”

“It’s Gonna Be a Great Day” is a children’s book that, according to Stephens, teaches children that they can have some control over their lives.

“I think kids don’t realize they can control things that are going on in their lives, even though they’re little. I think so many times you have the parents kind of trying to control and you have the teachers trying to control, and [the kids] themselves forget that they do have some control over what’s going on,” Stephens said.

The story shows children that by saying a positive mantra to themselves, they can completely change the course of their day for the better, even if they don’t want to get out of bed or go to school.

Stephens said the story was so successful with her daughter, she decided other children might benefit from reading it.

“Well, if it can help my daughter, why couldn’t it possibly help other kids?” Stephens asked herself.

At that point, she set out to have her story published. Unfortunately, finding a company to published her story was not an easy one. After several months, Stephens decided to self-publish the book.

“I had some reservations about that, but I really, really wanted to get the book published and in people’s hands,” she said.

And that’s just what she did. After the year-long publishing process was complete, Stephens began traveling to libraries and classrooms, donating copies of her book and reading the story to children. She has also donated copies of the book to charity organizations, like C.J.’s Bus.

“I didn’t necessarily do it to make a bundle of money by any means. I’ve given away way more than I’ve sold, and that’s fine by me. That’s just kind of the point of it, to get it out there to try to help little kids,” Stephens said.

Although “It’s Gonna Be a Great Day” is Stephens’s first book, don’t expect it to be her last. The full-time photographer said she has some ideas in the works and hopes to write more stories to help kids deal with everyday issues.

“It’s Gonna Be a Great Day,” written by Amy Stephens and illustrated by Valerie Bouthyette, can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon.com.

If you are a teacher or librarian interested in having Stephens read to your class, or you’d like a copy of the book for your classroom or library, contact Stephens at amy_stephens@insightbb.com.