Purple Aces find new voice in hire of Redman

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By Corey Woolsey

In just a year out of college, Mount Vernon’s Jevin Redman has built a strong foundation in broadcasting.

That foundation has landed him in his newest role as the radio voice of the Evansville Purple Aces.

Redman, a 2017 graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, began his career before graduation as an intern for the Louisville Bats AAA Baseball team.

In his time in Louisville, his partner in broadcasting informed him of a job with the Western Kentucky University Women’s Basketball team.

Redman took the job and followed the team all the way to the NCAA Tournament.

Along with the Western Kentucky job, Redman came back to the area to referee and also worked a couple ESPN 3 games for Evansville. That opened the door up a bit for him and when the full-time position with Evansville came open, he applied and was hired.

“They say right place, right time in broadcasting,” said Redman.

Along with his duties with the Purple Aces, Redman also works for WEOA in Evansville as a marketing and promotions director, and calls football games as well.

“I told them that play by play was what I really wanted to do during basketball season and they were willing to work with me on scheduling,” said Redman.

Redman has moved around a lot in his first year, but he said that is pretty par for the course.

“It’s typical to move around a lot until you get settled,” he said. “It is also typical for a lot of people to work two jobs as well in play by play. Really your true full-time jobs in play by play come with the Power Five schools. Getting there you usually have to find something to go along with it and I have been lucky in that.”

Redman feels that in his first year, he is slightly ahead of the game in his career.

“You look at people in broadcasting at the college level, some are in their 20s, but there are some in their 30s and 40s as well,” said Redman. “I think getting into AAA Baseball on my resume was big because if I didn’t have that I don’t know if Western Kentucky would have hired me straight out of college. Doing AAA probably helped get me the interview, and the same thing with UE. It is really important who you know and make connections with.”

Working for Evansville, Redman joins a program with a rich history, but one that is in a transition period.

Most of that history was in Roberts Stadium, which was replaced by the Ford Center several years ago.

“I don’t have a lot of memories of Roberts Stadium,” said Redman. “I went to a few games there, including a USI vs. UE game one year. But in recent years I tried to go to an Aces game at least once a year, when my schedule permitted.”

The Aces recently hired Evansville native and former University of Kentucky star Walter McCarty as head coach.

McCarty most recently was an assistant with the Boston Celtics under former Butler coach Brad Stevens.

“I have heard nothing but great things about Walter,” said Redman. “It looks like he wants to be involved and reach out to the community so that helps as a broadcaster.”

Along with game duties, Redman will also host the Coaches Show with McCarty and baseball in the spring.

“The Coaches Show will be once a week and the plan is to hold that at a local restaurant,” said Redman.

A new facet to the broadcasting of Evansville games this year will be the Aces new partnership with Learfield Sports.

Learfield is a network that will broadcast games over multiple markets that will boost Redman’s exposure in other areas.

The flagship station will be 107.1 FM and on five other stations in a 100-mile radius.

“I think with the hire of Walter they really wanted to do things bigger,” said Redman.

All in all, Redman thinks that this new position is where he should be.

“I tell people that I feel like I have been very lucky because I have had good jobs, but this one is a great job and it is a great fit,” said Redman.

He said that when he was in Louisville and Western Kentucky he didn’t really know anyone, but here he knows people and it makes it much more convenient if you need something to reach out to someone.

Basketball, according to Redman, is hands down his favorite sport, so plans on continuing his referee duties to stay close to the game.

“Basketball was the sport I enjoyed playing the most,” he said. “Refereeing is competitive in a different way than playing is. I wanted to be a referee since I was little.”