Red Cross to have blood drive at St. Matthew

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The American Red Cross will have a blood drive Sunday, Aug. 14, 7-11 a.m. at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Mount Vernon.
Healthy individuals are needed every day to maintain an adequate blood for supply for patients in need. Once a donor has made the commitment to give blood, it is important to take a few simple steps to prepare and help ensure a good donation experience. The Red Cross recommends:
• Getting a good night’s sleep; eating a good breakfast or lunch; drinking extra water and fluids to help replace the volume you will donate;  and eating iron-rich foods, such as spinach, red meat, fish, poultry, beans, iron-fortified cereals and raisins, to boost your iron levels.
A blood donor card or driver’s license, or two other forms of identification are required at check-in.  Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental permission in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are generally in good health may be eligible to donate blood.