St. Matthew to host community mission

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St. Matthew Church, located in Mount Vernon will be hosting a community mission and is inviting all faith community members and their friends and family to attend the mission entitled “The Search for Happiness.”
The mission will be held at St. Matthew Church for four nights beginning Sunday, Jan. 22. Each session will be one hour beginning at 7 p.m.
Sessions include:

  • “Why Did God Make You? To Be Happy!” on Sunday, Jan. 23.
  • “Suffering, Death, and Happiness,” on Monday, Jan. 24.
  • “Happiness and our Emotions,” on Tuesday, Jan. 25.
  • “Bring Home the Happiness of Heaven,” on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

The speaker during the session is Fr. Oscar Lukefahr. Lukefahr is a Vincentian priest living in Perryville, Mo.
Ordained in 1966, he taught in seminaries and high schools for six years, then served as a parish priest for nineteen years.
In 1991 he was appointed director of Catholic Home Study Service, a program offering free correspondence courses on the Catholic Faith.
Lukefahr also gives parish missions and retreats, celebrates weekend liturgies at various parishes, and teaches religious education classes for adults, teens, and children.
Lukefahr is the author of nine books and workbooks: The Search For Happiness; "We Believe..." A Survey of the Catholic Faith; We Worship: A Guide to the Catholic Mass; We Live, to Know, Love, and Serve God; We Pray: Living in God’s Presence; A Catholic Guide to the Bible; The Privilege of Being Catholic; Christ’s Mother and Ours; and The Catechism Handbook.
In this parish mission, using humor and practical examples, Lukefahr explains God’s plan for our happiness. The mission is meant for adults, teens and children.