Dark Desire Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

Dark Desire is a Mexican crime drama television show. The audience has reacted positively to the series Dark Desire.

On IMDb, it scored a 6.5 out of 10 rating. It contains elements of drama, suspense, and mystery. Let’s learn everything there is to know about the third season of Dark Desire.

Season 3 of Dark Desire:

Married Alma spends a perilous weekend away from home in the series Dark Desire, which ignites passion and ends in sorrow, as well as leading her to investigate the truth about those near to her.

Leticia Lopez Margalli created the Dark Desire series. Erik Hayser, Maite Perroni, and Jorge Poza feature in the film.

Kenya Marquez and Pitipol Ybarra directed Dark Desire. Leticia Lopez Margalli penned the piece. Patricia Benitez Laucin served as executive producer.

Veronica Velasco, Epigmenio Ibarra, and Natasha Ybarra-Klor produced the serial Dark Desire. Each episode of the television series Dark Desire lasts between 30 and 39 minutes.

Argos Comunicacion produced the Dark Desire series. Dark Desire was distributed via Netflix. Dark Desire is now available on Netflix.

In 2020, GQ Men of the Year Awards and BreakTudo Awards were given to the series Dark Desire. It’s Just Sex, One Last Night of Passion, What Common People Call Love, Love – That Word, What Do You Know About Daro Guerra, and What Do You Know About Daro Guerra are among the 18 episodes of Dark Desire Season 1. Are you missing the good old days, and you’ve made a mistake by messing with the wrong woman?

A Wicked Game of Mirrors, The Beauty of a Sudden Death, Nothing Is What It Seems, We’ve Messed Up So Much, You Were Only an Innocent Victim, Two Truths and One Lie, We Never Talked About Love, Revelation 21:8… We Kill What We Love, and The Answer Was Always There, and Fire Is Set Upon His Anger.

Eros and Psyche is the title of the second season of Dark Desire, which consists of 15 episodes. You Can Never Get Away From This, No One Can Run From Themselves, The Other, Walking on Hot Coals, You Were Always My Mirror, A Dangerous Cocktail, Don’t Believe a Word You Hear, You’ve Become Your Own Worst Enemy, Everyone Reads Their Own Story, Who the #*% & Are You Really, The Twins, It Was Always You, A Perfect and Unbearable Triangle, and Facing the Darkness are all books about a perfect and unbearable triangle.

The amount of episodes in the third season of the series Dark Desire has yet to be announced. Let’s have a look at what occurs next. Let’s see if the series Dark Desire’s third season gets confirmed or not.

Is Season 3 of Dark Desire confirmed or not?

Season 3 of Dark Desire has yet to be confirmed. It is expected to be verified soon. On August 19, 2020, it was announced that the second season of Dark Desire would be the final season of the series.

As a result, it’s possible that Dark Desire Season 3 will be announced on additional platforms. Let’s have a look at what occurs next.

We’ll update this page with any fresh information or updates about the third season of Dark Desire. As a result, make it a habit to visit this website on a frequent basis. Let’s take a look at the Dark Desire cast for the third season.

Who Is in the Cast of Dark Desire Season 3?

If a third season is made, all of the key cast members are likely to return for one final appearance. Alma Solares Quintana is played by Maite Perroni, while Esteban Solares is played by Erik Hayser, Daro Guerra is played by Alejandro Speitzer, Zoe Solares is played by Regina Pavón, Leonardo Solares is played by Jorge Poza, and Lys Antoine is played by Catherine Siachoque. If there is a third season, all or the majority of the cast may return. We might possibly see some new cast members, but let’s not get too excited.

What Can We Expect From Dark Desire Season 3?

It’s probable that if a third season is made, it will continue the story after Dario’s conviction and document the consequences of his acts. Dario may be able to elude capture and end up on Alma’s trail despite his best efforts.

Nobody knows what is going on with Esteban right now, and a third season could reveal more. We may also learn more about Esteban’s connection with Lucinda, as well as whether Dario is Esteban’s biological child.


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Dark Desire has dropped out of Netflix’s Top 10 worldwide original TV series charts as of February 23. During the week of February 14 to February 20, 22.95 million hours of the show were seen.

Do you think Dark Desire should be renewed for a third season? Let us know by leaving a comment on this tweet.

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