Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More!

Deep Rock Galactic, a beloved indie game, has just received a new season of content for all platforms, with new objectives, weapons, and cosmetics.

Deep Rock Galactic made its formal premiere in 2020, after two years in early access, on PC and Xbox One, to financial and critical acclaim. Despite the fact that the game’s fundamental premise isn’t particularly novel, Deep Rock Galactic’s 4-player co-op felt like a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated genre, with spectacular sci-fi aesthetics and a strong emphasis on secondary objectives that rounded out the action.

Two years later, Deep Rock Galactic is still going strong, having recently been converted to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Now that the base game is complete, Ghost Ship Games is focusing on the game’s live-service features. The company wants to add new objectives, weaponry, and cosmetics to the game, including a slew of new ones that were just released in Deep Rock Galactic Season 2, Rival Escalation.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 premiere date

Although there is still a long way to go before we get our hands on Deep Rock Galactic Season 2, developer Ghost Ship Games previously claimed that it would begin between March and April 2022, before later clarifying that it is aiming for an April release. It will be released first on Steam, followed by consoles a few weeks later.

Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 2 will most likely end between August and October 2022, if the developer keeps season lengths between 4 and 6 months. Plans and dates are subject to change as work progresses, so we won’t know for sure until they’re actually revealed.

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On March 24, the game’s Twitter account posted a piece of artwork featuring dwarves shooting at a large opponent inside an ice cave. The number 22 appears encased in the cold floor, possibly indicating Season 2’s start date.

According to the developer, Deep Rock Galactic’s second season will release on April 28 for Steam users and May 5 for Microsoft Store/console users. Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 will release on Steam on April 28, 2022, and on Microsoft Store/consoles on May 5, 2022. Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 will premiere between August and October 2022.

The developer also indicated in a blog post that “Season 02 will be a little less ambitious and will come out faster” than the first season, which took over 7 months to finish.

New Missions and Enemies in Deep Rock Galactic Season 2

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic introduces a fresh new task type to the game. Season 2 adds a new mode called “Rival Signal” to the eight mission types already available in the game. Players will come across a succession of communication relays while mining during this event.

To disable these communication relays, gamers must first disable the central router, gain access to the connecting antennas, and steal and extract crucial data before the server self-destructs. The mysterious Rivals have despatched a swarm of driller robots to protect the relay, so players’ actions will not be unchallenged. Those who are especially unlucky may even come into a Rival Nemesis, a vicious robotic boss that looks like a squid.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 Performance Pass

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galaxy adds another 100 levels of free cash, cosmetics, and minerals to unlock upgrades and even more cosmetics. The deep rock galactic season 2 Performance Pass features some fairly weird beard styles, highlighting the game’s witty side once again. Aside from that, a Jason Voorhees-style hockey mask and cyberpunk-style eyewear are up for grabs.

In addition to the Performance Pass, phazyonite, one of the components obtained through your adventures and the game’s cosmetic mastery system, can now be used to purchase specific cosmetics. This update was made to allow users to buy cosmetics without sacrificing beer, upgrades, or promotions, all of which previously used the same minerals as cosmetic prizes. If it appears that the team is planting the seeds for phazyonite’s future sale, it has categorically rejected this. Ghost Ship in Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 was announced in a news release.

“We have no plans to monetise this in any way,” Games said. Cargo Crates, Lost Packs, Cosmetic Cores, and The Shop now contain any awards you were unable to claim during the first season of Deep Rock Galactic.

New Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic Season 2

The swarm of new weapons included in Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 2 update is perhaps the most interesting new feature. Players will be able to mow down their opponents with even more diversity than before thanks to four new weapons coming to the game. With this update, each of Deep Rock Galactic’s four classes gets a beautiful new weapon.

The Nishanka Boltshark X-80 will be introduced to the Scout class’s armoury. This weapon, which looks like a steampunk/science fiction crossbow, can shoot some extremely powerful bolts, including special ammunition like triple bolts and elemental bolts like acid, fire, and ice.


The Shard Diffractor is given to the Engineer class, and it can fire an extremely powerful beam directly in front of the player. Those caught in the Shard Diffractor’s beam will take a lot of damage, and those in the region will be hit by the weapon’s intrinsic AoE.

The Gunner’s new weapon is the Armskore Coil Gun. The Armskore Coil Gun fires a single powerful charged beam, similar to the Engineer’s Shard Diffractor, but it can dig deep into the landscape and leave a trail of fire in its wake, capable of causing tremendous damage to foes.

The Driller’s new piece of gear, the Colette Wave Cooker, is the final new weapon in Season 2. While the Colette Wave Cooker is another beam-based weapon, it has some distinct aesthetic characteristics. The weapon’s beam is invisible, and when it kills an adversary, a distinctive death animation plays, depicting the enemy being “cooked” from the inside.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2’s New Cosmetics

As one would expect from a live-service game, Deep Rock Galactic’s second season also brings a number of new cosmetics to the game, all of which are available via the game’s Performance Pass. Deep Rock Galactic’s Pass, unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other competitors, can be unlocked for free.

Players can acquire 100 tiers of new beard options, headwear, and improvements with the game’s Performance Pass, which is a great incentive for anyone ready to put in some serious time in Deep Rock Galactic’s second season. Simply play the game and earn the necessary crafting ingredients for each tier to begin unlocking these items.

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